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Best In Ear Sound Amplifier Invisible In Ear Hearing Aids Lightweigt and Tny size as Fingertip with A10 Battery 

About Products:

This In Ear Hearing devices G-16,is a best and new Invisible Hearing Aid by CE & FDA approved CIC Small Sound Voice Amplifier Enhancer for adults hearing loss,as the hot sales in USA market,as well as a fashion gift for families and loved ones have mild hearing loss to moderate hearing loss.This Invisible hearing device can be hidden in ear canal for both right Ear and Left Ear.


Lighweight Extra small hearing aid Amplifier G-16

Key Features:

  • Ready-to-use invisible hearing amplifier

  • Invisible hearing aids with Movable iron earphone

  • Noise cancellation technology

  • Feedback cancelling technology

  • Max. saturation sound pressure level(OSPL90):115dB

  • Full on Acoustic Gain: less than 35dB

  • Distortion rate : ≤ 2.0% at 500Hz; ≤1.2% at 1600Hz

  • Sound Frequency Range: 400Hz-4500 Hz

  • Input Noise: Less than 28 dB

  • Working Battery: A10 cell battery

  • Long last working: one A10 Size battery for 80+ hours

  • Hearing aid color: Beige or Fashion blue color

  • Product material: ABS for hearing aid body, and silica gel for Earplug

  • G-16 Invisible hearing aid size(in):Only 2/5 inches

  • Net weight: 1.2g

What is the box Including:

- 1 Invisible Hearing aid,

- 2 Zinc Air batteries size A10,

- 3 Size Ear plug Domes,L+M+S

- 1 Cleaning Brush Tool,

- 1 User Manual Instruction

- 1 Protecting Gift Case


Using Notes by for GN hearing Aid:

☉Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.

☉Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.

☉Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

☉If you hear a howling, check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.

☉Keep the ear plug clean

☉Remove the battery if you don't use it for long time.


The other GN hearing amplifiers from Great-Ears of GNHearingAID are G-10,G-11,G-12,G-15,G-16,G-16D,G-18,G-20,G-22,G-25,G-26,G-28,G-28-Ric,and so on.


Who can use this small Hearing aid with Application:

1.This new Hearing aids are suitable for people who have the comunications difficulties with families,friends,son,daughters,colleagues and others every day.

2.This ITE Hearing aids are fitting for adults men and women who have the mild to moderate Severe hearing loss.

3.The product mini ITC hearing aids can fit and in the Right Ear or Left Ear with the Hearing impaired.


The Physical parts of the In Ear Hearing Aids G-16:


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