Hearing Amplifier FDA Approval Best Online Of Hearing Aid Ric Discreet And Hidden Behind Ear For Adults

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Hearing Amplifier FDA Approval Best Online Of Hearing Aid Ric Discreet And Hidden Behind Ear For Adults

The new device of G-28-RIC is a light weight and comfortable Hearing Amplifier FDA Approval best online of Hearing Aid  with Receiver in canal of Ric discreet and hidden behind on Ear for adults of all women and man mild moderate hearing loss.

New Small Hearing Amplifier FDA Approval G-28-RIC

Key Features:

  1.Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 110±5dB

  2.Peak gain(dB):  40dB

  3.Frequency range: 200Hz4500Hz

  4.Total harmonic distortion(THD):1% ( @ 1600Hz )

  5.EQ Input noise(dB): 28dB

  6.Device Power: D.C.1.4V, 1.0mA

  7.Low current drain: l 1.0mA

  8.Battery size: #13 Zinc Air battery

  9. Approved by CE, FDA

Specification G-28  Ric @ www.GNHearingAID.com



Peak   OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)


HAF   OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)


Peak   Sound Gain(dB)


HAF/FOG   Gain (dB)


Total   harmonic distortion/


≤3.0%   at 800Hz

≤1.0%   at 1600Hz

Frequency  range(Hz)


Input   Noise(dB)


Zinc  Air battery

AG5 or   A13

Power  consumption

DC   1.5V, Current: ≤2mA

Volume  tone adjust

Volume   wheel 1-4 level

Trimmer  mode

N-H   mode

Battery  working

Working   day time 20-30 days(300 Hours)

Certificates   Approved

CE,FCC   & ROHS, and the FDA


ABS for   hearing aid body

Silica   gel or silicone for Earplug

Paper   box and compact gift box/OEM

Packing   and size

Color   box:8x8x3.5cm or 3.1x3.1x1.4 inch

Hearing Aid size: 0.35x0.55x1.4 inch

Hearing aid net weight: 3.9g

200 units in a standard carton

Gross weight is 16KG per carton

Package   including

1 x G-28   Ric Hearing aid

3 x   Large,Mid,Small Size Ear Dome

1 x Cleaning Brush tool

1 x   Cell battery( 2 or more battery available)

1 x   Easy read User manual

1 x   Color box

Recently, in the Europe and the United States Hearing Aids market, a new high-tech product called mini RIC hearing aid has become the newest category of hearing aids with the fastest growth in demand. From pocket hearing aids, BTE hearing aid, ITE hearing aid to this mini hearing aids (RIC hearing aids), this may be one of the most revolutionary innovations in the history of hearing aids industry.

The RIC Technology of RIC Hearing Aids

The RIC (Receiver In Canal, receiver in the ear canal), also known as the CRT (Canal Receiver Technology, ear canal receiver technology). The microphone and receiver of traditional BTE Hearing machine are integrated in the hearing aid body, but the Adsound Hearing aid with the CRT technology have the receiver separated from the hearing aid body and insert into the ear canal directly. So, the adsound connect the two parts of receiver and hearing aid body by a special metal wire with the external catheter.


All of our Hearing Aids are approvel by FDA,FC,CE and ROHS Certificates for Europe and USA market



The FONIX8000 Hearing Aid Test System

The Working Line

The Packing Team

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