Rechargeable Hearing Aids As Seen On TV

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Rechargeable Hearing Aids As Seen On TV with Lithium-ion powered rechargeable BTE from Earsmate

DHA G26 RL Earsmate B1

The G26RL Rechargeable hearing aid is our most affordable rechargeable hearing aid as seen on TV. With over 35 hours of battery life between charges, the G26RL Digital BTE Aid is going to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on replacement battery costs.  

  - Never Buy Batteries Again -  Li-Ion rechargeable battery inside
  - For Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss
  - 4/16 Channel WDRC Multi Memory Digital Hearing Aid 
     (Loud & Quiet, Indoor & Outdoor modes)
  - Background Noise Reduction - Very Important
  - Rocker Volume Control - Volume Increases with a Rocker, 
  - Volume and Mode Memory Resume feature
  - Super long 40 hours of usage on a single charge

  - Recharging time, approximately 4 hours

DHA G26 RL Earsmate

The G26RL DHA features advanced technology and superb performance that our customers have grown accustomed to from Earsmate, the new hearing aids manufacturer in the hearing aid industry from China.

Moreover,some of the features include "Power On - Delay" to protect your hearing, a Rocker type volume control for those with dexterity issues, a longer rechargeable Lithium Ion battery life, low battery warning, Portable USB charging adapter, background noise reduction, and a powerful gain 65dB for those with moderate to severe hearing deficiencies.

More about product:


The EarsMate Mini Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid is recommended for anyone who wants that extra boost in sound to improve the hearing loss problem. It's special digital noise reduction feature automatically adjusts to environment of Indoor/Outdoor,Noise/quiet place making the G26RL the perfect assist in ANY places.

You can receive all things from the packaging when you buy:

DHA G26 RL Earsmate 3

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                                                                                                                          

✅ QUESTION #1 — Do You Accept Insurance?

ANSWER: No. Most insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids. This is the exact reason Earsmate was founded — to provide affordable hearing aids to hard-working people that deserve better pricing. Fortunately, Earsmate's prices are so affordable that anyone can afford to buy.

✅ QUESTION #2 — What is Your Payment Way?

ANSWER: You can make the payment by WU,Paypal,MoneyGram,or T/T bank.

✅ QUESTION #3 — Will Earsmate's Rechargeable Hearing Aids Work for Me Without Me Being Tested?

ANSWER: Earsmate's technology allows you to pick different mode settings and volume settings so you can find the best combination of sound for your ears. You don't need an audiogram (hearing test) to purchase G26RL.

✅ QUESTION #4 — What's Your Guarantee and Warranty?

ANSWER: All of the Earsmate hearing devices have 1 year warranty and all life span after service. This gives you total peace of mind!