Blue Rechargeable Hearing Aids With Volume Adjust And Recharge Battery Last 100hrs

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Blue Rechargeable Hearing Aids With Volume adjust and Recharge Battery Last 100hrs

About Product

This unique fashion blue color rechargeable hearing aids are the over the counter (OTC) hearing device,just simply put the G-25 BTE rechargeable hearing aid on your both right ear and left ear to start enjoying the natural sounds around you, there is no complex setup necessary.

This personal sound amplifier is built with the latest circuit and frequency control to adapt easily for different sound environments. Premium rechargeable battery with longest life for 100 hours available in hearing amplifier industry,by short time charging.

It is packed in each device kit with everything you need to use, clean, and travel with this device, including three ear piece sizes and USB power charger.


DC Android power Charger Rechargeable Hearing Aids G-25


  • Behind Ear Hearing machine with rechargeable battery

  • Behind Ears for men and women mild severe hearing loss

  • High quality Sound and Clear voice

  • Volume wheel 4X Level for tone adjustable

  • Max. saturation sound pressure level(OSPL90):135dB

  • Full on Acoustic Gain: ≤ 50dB

  • Distortion rate : ≤3.0% at 800Hz;

                      ≤2.0% at 1600Hz

  • Frequency Response: 300Hz-4500 Hz

  • Equivalent Input Noise (dB): ≤ 28dB

  • Android DC 5V power charger

  • Easy to use Power control on/off switcher

  • Long last rechargeable battery for 100+hours

  • Low Current Battery : less than 1.0mA

  • Battery Life: Re-charging for 500 times

  • Color: Beige or blue available

  • Color box(in): 5.5x5.1x1.6 inch

  • Unit packing Box weight:150g

  • 1 Year warranty

What's the Kit Including?

  • 1 BTE Hearing Aid

  • 1 Color Case

  • 3 Ear Plugs (small, medium, large)

  • 1 Cleaning Brush

  • 1 Power Adapter

  • 1 USB Cable ( Can use Power Bank-5V,1A output )

  • 1 User Manual


1 . Super RECHARGEABLE advantage:

  • The device is simple and user-friendly.

  • It runs with high quality rechargeable Li battery, Environmental friendly and energy save.

  • Its great battery offers around 100 hours continuously using after 4-6 hours fully charged.

  • 500 times rechargeable Battery Life

2 . Unique DESIGN technology:

  • Micro-5-pin interface charger adapter and USB Cable

  • The hearing aid body has the trimmer mode with High and low frequency switch

  • 4 Level Volume wheel adjustable

  • Power ON/OFF switch to protect the battery lifetime

  • LED indicator and Beep sound for low batter alarm and Mode switcher

Rechargeable hearing aid blue color and beige color with Volume adjustable battery long last 100 hours

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