Mini Portable Sound Amplifier By Waistband Type

Product Details

mini Portable Sound Amplifier by Waistband type

Small Size High Quality Portable Waistband Voice Amplifier 

Body size:9.8*8.8*4.3cm, Weight:220g


1.The patented appearance;
2. Stylish, ergonomic and comfortable design;
2. Nd-Fe-B magnetic trumpet, strong penetrating power sound;
3. Hi-Fi high sensitivity imported MIC, advanced circuit IC, restrain howling effectively;
4. Support AUX audio input --- can work as speaker of computer, Pad & mobile phone;
5. High decoding technology, support TF card & USB flash drive;
6. Intelligent digital function module, low power consumption, high efficiency;
7. Double voice coil design, strong power, deep bass;
8. Professional sound amplifying circuit, amplifying clear without howling.

Unit sample price: 22.0USD/unit(MOQ=1 unit),

Sample Payment terms: By Paypal or Western Union

Discount price:17.6USD/unit(MOQ=100 units)

Bulk Order terms: By T/T bank

The Order Procedure:

We are available by Email,Phone or Online...

You Order Procedure as follows Easy 5-steps:

      Step-1.    Inquiry on products and price

      Step-2.    Negotiate for Order's Price and Quantity

      Step-3.    Discuss for Shipping and delivery

      Step-4.    Confirm the order and Payment

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Trade Terms and Service:

A-Payment Terms:

    Q: What is the payment terms for Order,please?

    A: You can pay by T/T bank,or Western Union,Moneygram.

      Also,the Paypal, L/C,is acceptable.

B- Delivery and Shipping:

1. Q:What is the delivery time/Lead time for order,please?

      A: 1.For samples,the lead time is about 3-4 days.

        2. For bulk order 100-500pcs,the lead time is about 5-7 days.


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