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Receiver In Canal Hearing Aids is short of the Ric Hearing Aid For Ear Hearing Loss With Volume Adjustable And 300 Hours

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The hearng loss people probably want to wear the hearing aids for many hours throughout the day. Having this in mind,the model G-28-Ric Receiver in canal hearing aids of oxsound amplifiers have made sure that the ear plugs of the hearing aid devices are super soft, lightweight and comfortable.In addition, our Open fit receiver in canal Ric hearing aids earline shape fixed wired running tubes, so one device is for you left ear or one for your right ear. In this way, you will always have the most secure and comfortable fit and your ears won’t feel sore when you remove the amplifiers.The new ric hearing aid G-28-Ric is your best choice for improving hearing loss and enjoy the life again by the Small, discreet and quick to fit and perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers

Hidden invisible Ric hearing aid G-28-Ric 

  • Ric Hearing Aids by Ready-to-use

  • Extra small size behind Ear and light weight

  • Feedback reduction technology

  • Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss

  • N-H Trimmer for different frequency and place

  • Max. saturation sound pressure level(OSPL90):115dB

  • Peak Gain(dB) : ≤40dB

  • HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : ≤35dB

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: less than 5%

  • Frequency Response: 500Hz-4500 Hz

  • Battery working time: 1 unit Battery A13 work for 300+hrs

  • Hearing aid size(in): 0.35x0.55x1.4 inch

  • Light weight: 3.9g

  • Warranty:12 Month

Packing including:

1x Compact Carry/Gift case

1x Rite Hearing Aid

3x Ear Plugs to fit most Ears

1x Cleaning Brush tool

2x Zinc Air Battery size A13

1x User Manual

Receiver in canal Ric Hearing Aids G-28-R 




Peak   OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)


HAF   OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)


Peak   Sound Gain(dB)


HAF/FOG   Gain (dB)


Total   harmonic distortion/


≤3.0%   at 800Hz

≤1.0%   at 1600Hz

Frequency   range(Hz)


Input   Noise(dB)


Zinc   Air battery

AG5 or   A13

Power   consumption

DC   1.5V, Current: ≤2mA

Volume   tone adjust

Volume   wheel 1-4 level

Trimmer   mode

N-H   mode

Battery   working

Working   day time 20-30 days(300 Hours)

Certificates   Approved

CE,FCC   & ROHS, and the FDA


ABS for   hearing aid body

Silica   gel or silicone for Earplug

Paper   box and compact gift box/OEM

Packing   and size

Color   box:8x8x3.5cm or 3.1x3.1x1.4 inch

Hearing Aid size: 0.35x0.55x1.4 inch

Hearing aid net weight: 3.9g

200 units in a standard carton

Gross weight is 16KG per carton

Oxsound TIPS:
Recently, in the Europe and the United States Hearing Aids market, a new high-tech product called mini RIC hearing aid has become the newest category of hearing aids with the fastest growth in demand. From pocket hearing aids, BTE hearing aid, ITE hearing aid to this mini hearing aids (RIC hearing aids), this may be one of the most revolutionary innovations in the history of hearing aids industry.
Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aids for Great Hearing better life
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G-28-Ric Left Ear Ric Hearing Aid images and Dome
Invisible Ric Hearing Aid For Ear Hearing Loss With Volume Adjustable And 300 Hours

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