Great Ears Mate Hear Sound Amplifier

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Great Ears Mate Hear Sound Amplifier

    The Ears Mate RIC (Receiver-in-canal) G-28RIC has a comfortable, discreet behind the ear design that can be used right out of the box. The EarsMate ric is smaller than most hearing amplifier or PSAPs and almost invisible when worn behind ears. The Earsmate hearing aid Ric has 2 channels trimmer mode of N and H, 4 volume adjustable level, and is pre-programmed and ready to wear for the mild to moderate of hearing loss ranges up to 45dB. It has several hearing aid benefits: low-level noise suppression, dynamic feedback cancelling, super long battery working 300hours,discreet behind ear. The result is comfortable clear hearing at a fraction of the cost.

   READY TO WEAR the earsmate Sound Amplifier for Adults and seniors is a perfect choice if you are not quite ready, or dont want to spend $2,000+ on prescription hearing aids. Immediately begin to hear the conversation youve been missing from the comfort of your own home. Includes various sizes and types ear domes and sound tubes to ensure a perfect fit and best hearing experience.

- 100% NEW brand Circuitry
- Digital qaulity Sound Processor with Feedback reduction
- 2 trimmer mode of N mode and H mode
- 4 Volume Levels - Volume wheel switch to Easily Change for Volume Levels
- Open Fit, Vented Ear Domes Eliminate the Sensation of Ear Plugs
- Easy One Finger Operation

Whats in the box:
- 1 Receiver in canal (Ric), Hearing Amplifier with carrying case
- 1 Sizes of Sound Tubes
- 3 Sizes of Open Ear Domes (S,M,L)
- User Instruction Manual
- 1 Batteries (Size A13 Hearing Aid Batteries)
- 1 Cleaning Brush and Cleaning wire

- Peak Gain 35 dB
- Frequency Range 300Hz - 4500Hz
- Total Harmonic Distortion: 500 Hz: 3%, 800 Hz: 2%, 1600 Hz: 1%
- Battery Life approximately 30 days

*This device is not recommend for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss
*This hearing device is not intended for use by those who suffer from tinnitus
*For optimal results we recommend use for both ears. If only one, we recommend for the better ear

EarsMATE Discreet RIC hearing amplifier G-28RIC picture

Invisible Ric Hearing Aid For Ear Hearing Loss With Volume Adjustable And 300 Hours

The 4 Weeks rehabilitation suggestion: 

As a new User who is the first time to wear the hearing aids devices,there will be some extra sound from the hearing aids amplication,and the users will feel much more noise than before without the hearing aids.However,this is not the hearing aid devices problem,it just need some time to fit with our ox sound hearing devices.Meanwhile,if the Users have our new ox hearing amplifier,it all needs some tome to fit with our ox sound amplifiers.

Here is the rehabilitation suggestion by EarsMATE for new users or Hearing Aids:

The first week: 1 to 2 hours wearing per day, you are suggested to wear in a ralatively quiet environment to familiarize and distinguish various sounds.

The second week: 4 to 8 hours wearing per day, you may wear your hearing aids and walk in a relatively quiet environment to listen around.

The third week: You may wear hearing aids and go to public ares. You may have dialogue with your friends or even strangers.

The Fourth week: You may prepare fr travelling to another city, go to supermarket, restaurant, participate in music concert or watch video. You can do whetever you like! Then you may find many enjoyments in life with clear hearing again.

The RIC hearing aid discreet behind the Ear
RIC Hearing Aids With Volume And Frequency Control For Hearing Loss 300hrs Battery

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