Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier Ears Mate

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Product Details

Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier EarsMATE

New EarsMate Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier is an advanced bluetooth hearing device that combines two different products into one model of beautifully designed, sound amplifying headphones.  The G-25BT is a wireless ox  sound amplifier and hands-free mobile headset that will help you hear the voices and sounds around you easier and with added clarity.

Advanced Features: 

- Fitting for mild to light-severe hearing loss of ear deafness

- Compatible with ALL Bluetooth enabled cell phones including Apple iOS and Android Devices (iPhone and iPad). 
- Extended rechargeable Li-on battery life with up to 60 hours of use per charge. 
- Improved circuity and sound clear for better performance in differernt environments. 
- Stream music and other audio: Listen to your favorite music, movies and audio books directly through the G-25BT Hearing device

Ideal Applications:

The Ox hear sound amplifier G-25BT bluetooth device is recommended to help you hear better in these difficult to hear environments. 
- One-on-one and other small group conversations 
- Public settings including restaurants and churches 
- In your car and while on the go 
- Work and Business Meetings 
- Watching TV and Movies 
- Listening to music, and audio books 

Products details:

Bluetooth G25BT OX

Support & Warranty:
*Order the G-25BT now to try it risk free if faulty when you open the packaging box,and please send it back to our factory for a new device by free shipping.

*24 hours after-service and 12 months warranty

*Welcome to contact us by Whatsupp-(86) 18565775544