Why Wearing Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

Why wearing two hearing aids are better than one

We almost always recommend two hearing aids if you have hearing loss in both right and left ears, because you will hear far better with two hearing aids instead of one.

Here are two convincing reasons to equip yourself with a pair of devices instead of just one:

1.Two hearing aids fully stimulate your brain

You probably know one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and in good working order is to use it–that means getting regular exercise, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and getting your steps in for the day. Conversely, when we don't move and use our muscles, they tend to weaken and can even atrophy over time.

Wearing two hearing aids means each ear picks up sound and gets the stimulus it needs to stay at peak performance. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology looked at the word recognition abilities of people fitted with one hearing aid versus two. The researchers found that a significantly higher number of the study subjects wearing only one hearing aid experienced a decline in their word recognition compared to those who had two hearing aids. 

2.Far better sound quality with two hearing aids

One of the biggest reasons you may be considering getting hearing aids is that, besides not being able hear at normal levels, you find that even if you can hear speech, the sound isn't clear. This may mean you have trouble understanding what others are saying, even in your good ear. This is especially true if there is background noise competing. Understanding speech is the foundation of good communication and there's no better reason to seek hearing treatment.

Research has shown wearing two hearing aids makes for clearer conversation, making it possible to better understand sound. The study concluded a pronounced improvement in sound quality and clarity and higher speech discrimination test scores for subjects who had two hearing aids compared to those who wore hearing aids in only one ear. 

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