The Best Hearing Aids And Brand Recommendations 2021

The Best Hearing Aids and Brand Recommendations by Earsmate 2021

First of all, welcome you back to us after the Chinese new year holidays today on 19 February 2021.

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Here are our honest thoughts on the hearing aids we recommend to you. We write this as a professional hearing aids supplier showing to a partner. We are not going to cover what details of each hearing aid has because most end-users honestly don’t know or care about the difference between them. When a partner contact us and they talk to us for a hearing aid device, they just want to trust our professional introduction and recommend on what devices are best. And so we will try to cut out all of the marketing talks and speak from the heart on what we do for all of the partners that we serve every day.

Having said that, we do honestly believe that all the global professional hearing aids manufacturers make excellent hearing aid products and different brand hearing aids will be some different from the others. Hearing aids are also best fit by someone who does a heck of a lot of fittings by that manufacture because they will know the product inside and out. Our experiences of producing and selling different models hearing aid over the last 5 years have to lead us to these recommendations for you.


The 1st Hearing aid brand is Widex

Widex is one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers today. The company carries a number of rechargeable hearing aids equipped with many high-tech features, including Widex Evoke, Beyond Z, and their newest model, ZPOWER which offers superior sound quality.

Widex Beyond Z is great for those who are looking for a truly customized hearing experience. You can easily adjust volume on two hearing aids individually, so that you can maximize comfort and clarity. Similar to Widex Evoke, Beyond Z also supports wireless streaming.

The newest and greatest in the rechargeable hearing aid line offered by Widex is the ZPOWER Second Generation Rechargeable System. This hearing aid outperforms other rechargeable options by more than 20%, and features a robust design to carry you through a full day’s use. This system is crafted with an additional coating, protecting the metal parts from corrosion. No matter where you’re headed, you can count on ZPOWER to be flexible and ready for your adventures.

The 2nd hearing aid brand is Phonak

Phonak is a famous brand of hearing aids. It honestly has been since we were not involving this hearing devices industry. we know the product inside and out and feel that 80% of the time this is the right product for users.  In our opinion, the device performs very well in the automatic autopilot mode and does not need manual programs. It has great feedback control. It is hands down the best Bluetooth device out there as it connects to all phones be it a flip phone, Android or iPhone.

We are one of the moderator of a Phonak Facebook support group and posts are almost all positive regarding the products. we give this the best recommendation. The device we recommend most often is the Phonak Audeo P90-R with a custom earmolds. But any of the line of products are great.

The 3rd but no the last hearing aid and brand is Earsmate

While Earsmate is one of the newer hearing aid brands on the market, the company has quickly garnered many positive reviews from hearing professionals and consumers. One of the greatest benefits is that Earsmate distributes their products outside of traditional prescription models. This means that people can more easily purchase hearing aids without having a formal prescription for them. Earsmate carries distinct hearing aid models; Earsmate G28D RIC, and Earsmate G26 RL, both of which are rechargeable.


The Earsmate G28D RIC is Earsmate’s mid-level and Ric model, and most commonly used. It has amplification, active noise cancellation and is equipped with the Receiver-in-canal for optimal comfort and feedback control.

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Finally, Earsmate’s latest model is Earsmate G26 RL. You can expect this model to fit for severe hearing loss and advanced technology, have outstanding sound amplification, and equipped with 8 channel WDRC signal processor,16 bands frequency shaping,as well as the wireless sound tube. The sound tube can be cut by the user as per their ear size then they are more comfortable and better adjust to the movement of the ear.

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