The 62nd International Day Of The Deaf

The 62nd International Day of the Deaf

In Sept. of this year,it is the 62nd International Day of the Deaf on 22 of September 2019.

During the 62nd International Day of the Deaf, the Shenzhen Deaf Association united with our company of Earsmate to hold the 2019 Deaf People's Day event to “join hands and win the co-extension and develop together. Let you hear the love to let you see” the public welfare disability project.

We provide free medical help to hearing-impaired friends who are present:

1. Hearing test, hearing aid evaluation, speech rehabilitation assessment and ear analysis

2, hearing aid manufacturers experts clinic

3, ear mold, shell free production and maintenance

4. The hearing aid is free to debug and audition

5, hearing aid cleaning, maintenance, repair etc.

Welcome to visit our factory anytime if you want to know more about our Earsmate and hearing aids, 

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