New Hearing Aid Technology For More Hearing Clearly And Further Distance

New Hearing Aid Technology for more hearing clearly and further distance

Usually, the hearing aids devices have an effective range of 1.5 meters or 2 meters for aid hearing. As per the professional survey, there are 31% of hearing aid wearers can listen well in a quiet environment, but when the hearing loss people come to a noisy environment, their speech recognition will drop dramatically,therefore the hearing distance will be the important problem for hearing aid users.

On October 10th, at the 2019 China International Welfare Expo, Phonak, a hearing solutions provider based in Sonora, Switzerland, had launched a series of the latest hearing aid assistive technologies to make hearing aids working to hear more farther and clearer.

Among in of these new technologies,the Phonak Wireless Direct Technology (RogerDirectTM) provides a seamless connection between hearing aids and auxiliary equipment. It is not only more convenient, but also saves 27% of the power consumption compared to previous hearing aids and auxiliary equipment to extend for more longer battery life.And except for the RogerDirectTM,the  phonak's "Roger Select iN" auxiliary equipment have been equipped with the newest wireless direct connection technology, that make the maximum transmission communication of hearing aids can reach to 50 meters, and the speech recognition of hearing aid users in noisy environment is greatly improved.