New Earsmate R&D 16 Channel Digital Hearing Aid Modes

New Earsmate R&D 16 channel digital hearing aid modes


This model of G-28D RIC is the Earsmate newest high quality 16 frequency bands and multi channel WDRC digital hearing aid with Receiver in canal and Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.It is the best affordable OTC digital hearing aid machine with the 4 digital mode fitting for hearing loss.

Earsmate digital hearing aid G-28D RIC 4 Digital modes working explanation:

1.Quiet Mode :Using for the quiet environment.There is plenty of low frequency sound in the quiet place,and the quiet mode can have this sound restored nearly.Especially,the hearing machine can capture very small sound and process it,moreover,the hearing aid can eliminate the normal noise to increase the signal and noise ratio to make sure do not damage the original sound.

2.Noise Mode: Fitting for the very noisy environment.With the highest grade noise reduction technology,picking up the voice signal exactly and separate the noise to increase the voice understandability in the noisy environment.

3.Indoor Mode : Base on the quiet mode, optimizing the the voice signal for the echo and reverberation indoor space to enjoy the better hearing experience.Enhance the sound definition by reducing the low frequency and boosting the high frequency signal.

4.Outdoor Mode: It's a compromise with the quiet mode and noise mode.For one thing,to ensure the hearing quality for normal sound in outdoor environment,for another thing,to restrain the unexpected noisy sound to eliminate the normal sound interference.