For information about the Earsmate hearing aids from GNHearingAid China,please visit the website at to learn about each model and make a selection. You can also click on the “contact us now” button and send email to us for more information about the model you want. If you still need help, customer service is a phone call away, or you can use the pop-up chat on Wechat: (86) 18565775544

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Earsmate GNHearingAid Best sellers

Earsmate have four hearing aid best sellers models fitting for mild to moderately severe hearing loss on web of . If you need earsmate hearing aids with more advanced support, consider one of our best sellers hearing aids. Those who prefer products made in the Earsmate China and aren’t interested in a custom fit should check out GNHearingAid. The company offers FDA-registered devices at substantial cost savings.
Earsmate G17 is a basic rechargeable Cic hearing aid that helps with common hearing loss. The G17 GNHearingaid is the lowest-cost option and is perfect for quieter settings, use around the house or for subtle hearing loss.
Earsmate G11 is nearly invisible in ear canal with advanced digital technology. The G11 Cic hearing aids have a noise reduction and 8 channel signal processing of configurations to output the clear sound. You can hear whether you are in a crowd or at home watching TV.
Earsmate G25 features a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and intelligent directional microphones for focused hearing. The G25 also cancels out background noise and have 4 channel listening mode for different frequency environment.