Do You Know The Glasses BabelFisk Hearing Aid?

Do you know the glasses BabelFisk hearing aid?

The hearing aid named BabelFisk is designed by the Mads Hindhede,it has two microphones that listen to any speech from the outside environment,then this BabelFisk hearing aid can translates the sound and texts it on this glasses screen in front of the person's eyes who is wearing it.

The two microphones of this Hering aid even read from what direction the chatter comes from and prints it out accordingly. Also incorporated is a flash memory that can record any speech and the translated text, so that we can go back and review it at a later time. It's not only good for the hearing impaired person, but also for people who want to make it easier for themselves during lectures and keynotes since it will record everything that is being said. It's stunningly simple, ultimately useful and awesome. This Hearing device should be awarded many times over. How Brilliant it is!