China's Digital Hearing Aid Chip HA320

China's digital hearing aid chip HA320

As the Sina finance news,the list company(stock: 600770)'s Subsidiary company of Tianyue dianzi has finished the <HA320 digital hearing aid chip and algorithm> working together with the Southeast University of China,which means the Chinese have themself digital hearing aid chip for the digital hearin g aids industry.


The 130-nanometer HA320 digital hearing aid chip developed by Tianyue Electronics has been mass-produced. Many hearing aid manufacturers,including the Newsound,Resound,Lisound,Oxsound,Earsmate in China have begun to use its hearing aid chip for development and trial production of small batch prototypes. At the same time, the company and Southeast University jointly established an audio and video system. With the IC R&D Center, the 55nm high-end digital hearing aid chip is being developed, and the key modules and SOC platform of the chip are being verified by the chip.