Siemens Hearing Aids Batteries Rechargeable

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Siemens hearing aids batteries rechargeable , improved with USB Charger by EarsMATE NOW!!!

New Earsmate digital hearing aid G26X will be equal to the siemens hearing aids with rechargeable batteries and 135dB sound output , 65dB , 4 channel pre-program mode, 16 frequency bands , feedback cancellation wind noise reduction by the earsmate unique design and latest digital audio technical, fitting for severe and strong hearing loss.


When you can communicate with those around you and enjoy all the wonderful sounds of life, Everyday Sounds Better while you are wearing the Earsmate hearing aids only pay 10% siemens rechargeable hearing aids prices.

G26X DHA Data

At the EarsMATE Hearing Aid Factory, we understand hearing and we care about our Clients.  We only offer the world's most advanced brand and 100% new hearing aids at extremely low prices.  Our hearing aid prices rate the lowest in the market. All of our services are provided at absolutely no charge @  .


The Earsmate DHA of New digital hearing aid adapt the lastest rechargeable power technology with the best Lithium Ion battery,come with the portable DC5V USB charger which compatible the Android phone adapter for the simple and convernient power charging anytime and anywhere.

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Earsmate staffs a team of personal hearing professionals that can help you evaluate the hearing aids products and guide to toward the right selection for your hearing needs. Access to an expert continues after purchase, for as long as you use the Earsmate hearing device. Our professionals can help you the fit and feel of your device, settings, and any questions that come up along the way.