New RIC Hearing Aid

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Product Details

The Earsmate New RIC Hearing Aid device is a mid range receiver-in-canal discreet rechargeable hearing aid

The G-28 C is suitable for people who is suffering with a mild to moderate hearing loss, the G-28 C is a reliable, pro-grammable, receiver-in-canal digital hearing amplifier buil-in hight quality rechargeable Lithium battery. It's discreet, comfortable to wear and will enhance your listening experience so you can get on with living life to the full.

Why consider the G-28 C Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aid BTE Aid?

This earsmate behind-the-ear hearing aid falls within our mid-range. It offers the perfect blend of hearing help and technology with outstanding value for expense. Built with precision and simplicity, it is easy to operate by one touch buttons for volume up or down,Mode switching,Power switcher and affordable to buy. The Earsmate G-28C new RIC Hearing Aid is also programmable, meaning that we can adjust the settings to match your hearing needs. If you wish to have the device personalised to your hearing enhancement, simply email or catch us online anytime and we will provide you 100% satisfaction service.

Key Features

 -Receiver-in-canal small hearing aid (RIC BTE Aid)

 -Best suited for mild to moderate hearing losses

 -Directional Microphones help you to distinguish speech from background noise

 -2 channels frequency modes

 -Manual volume control,one button for sound down,the other button is sound up

 -Built-in the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery,40 hours continuously working by a full charging

 -USA original Move-iron speaker,provide the clear and natural sound

 - Discreet back ear and light weight only 3.6g

 -12-month factory's warranty

 -Free repair with parts based on the warranty after-service

Technical parameter


How To Operate by Hand,finger control only:


Why purchase your hearing aids devices from Earsmate China?

 1.Save money and benefit from our competitive pricing. As hearing aid factory, we have fewer overheads than the mid-businessman or retailers. We can therefore afford to pass on those savings to you.

 2.Free advice – is available via one of our qualified hearing aid sales engineers who can help you with your purchase and make sure your hearing needs are met.

 3.Pre-programmed hearing aids – are usually set up to reflect high frequency hearing loss usually attributed to age. No need to go to hospital and the hearing device is Over-the-counter OTC items

 4.A fast and reliable delivery service– means that if you live in the UK,France,Spain,USA,Canada,Singapore,Japan,Korea etc and make an online or email order, you could receive your purchase as early as in 2-4 days.

 5.All products are approved by CE,FDA certificates and 12 Month warranty,24 hours service.


What are included with your G-28 C new RIC hearing aid ?

It is packing with a DC5V 1000mA power charger adapter, 60cm to 80cm USB power cable.(this USB power charger is same as the Andriod cell phone charger);you will get a very nice and compact portable plastic box to carry the product when you are on travel for sightseeing or if you want to get the ear rest and put the device in the box for protection.

In order to meet most people's ear size,it is packing 3 different size fitting tips of 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large

Meanwhile,the User Guide and  cleaning brush tool is come together in box for you.

Earsmate RIC Hearing aid packing

Why the EarsMate?

There are 11 points before you contact the EarsMate:

1.(Original ) Original module design for the product case; Factory self research & develop the Solution and Main board.

2.(Innovation) Innovate the regular hearing device with the new bluetooth technology at affordable price.

3.(Compliance) Our factory has past the audit by the Chinese FDA government in 2018 to authorize the Medical Device Registration License for Hearing Aids;All of our hearing aids and hearing amplifiers are approved by the USA FDA,CE,ROHS.

4.(OEM) As the hearing aids manufacturer,we are willing to provide the OEM service for any customers,we can customize the package,User manual for customers, and print the customer’s LOGO for bulk order by free.