New Brand Hearing Aid With Tone Adjust And Small Affordable Price Ear Sound Amplifier A10 Battery Working For 150 Hours For Moderate To Severe Hearing Loss

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New brand Hearing aid with tone adjust and small affordable price ear sound amplifier A10 battery working for 150 hours for moderate to severe hearing loss

Small style and Designed in the Ear inner for old people with mild or  moderate hearing loss problem improving. 

New Small in Ear Hearing aids Advantage:

*The amplifier hearing aid is well made, can reduce noice, provides good sound  quality. Volume Adjustable & Silicone earplugs in 3 sizes: fit most ears.
*Best sound amplifier & Super mini size & light weight: easy and comfortable to  wear.
*Anti-shock& anti-drop& moisture proof& high temperature proof: user-friendly  design.
*Made of high quality material, the Amplifier Hearing Aid is durable and   reliable for long time use.

Small Hearing Aids G-15 features:

1.Max Saturated Sound Pressure: 120dB+4dB
2.TOTAL HARMONIC DIST: ≤ 3% (@ 1600 Hz)
3.Frequency response Range: 200-5500 Hz
4.Equivalent Input Noise: ≤ 23 dB
5.Power Voltage : 1.5 V
6.Current: ≤1.8mA
7.Battery Type: A10 button cell battery

  1 unit A10 battery working for 150 hours body: 18x16x13mm
9.Weight: 50g
10.Color: Beige

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Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Device

Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available

Lead time: 2-5 days 

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

Contact online: Whatsapp 0086 185 65 775544


Tips by Adsound:

How to choose the right one Hearing Aid

Many types of hearing aids exist. So which is best for you? Find out what to consider when choosing a hearing aid.

Perhaps you've thought about getting a hearing aid, but you're worried about how it will look or whether it will really help. It may help ease your concerns to know more about:

  • The hearing aid options available to you

  • What to look for when buying a hearing aid

  • How to get used to it

Hearing aids can't restore normal hearing. They can improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds, helping you hear sounds that you've had trouble hearing.

Hearing aid styles

Hearing aids vary a great deal in price, size, special features and the way they're placed in your ear.

The following are common hearing aid styles, beginning with the smallest, least visible in the ear. Hearing aid designers keep making smaller hearing aids to meet the demand for a hearing aid that is not very noticeable. But the smaller aids may not have the power to give you the improved hearing you may expect.

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