Left Or Right Ear Hearing Aid Invisible Best Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone

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Left or right ear hearing Aid Invisible Best Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone

EMate Digital G16D BB

This in ear hearing aids G-16 is tiny as the finger tip size,almost invisible and hidden in the ear canal. No one will know you're wearing this unique high-tech hearing amplification device.Fits discreetly and compactly in right and left ear. Comfortable and very effective. It is available in Beige ,black and blue color.

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Mini Hearing aid G-16 Earsmate Amplifier informations:

G16 Details

Earsmate Sound amplifier G-16 Invisible hearing aid packing box:

Earsmate CIC Hearing Aid packing box

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1.What is the User Instruction for this earmsate invisible hearing aid devices G-16?

How to wear the invisible New hearing Aid AMP

2. What is the Reviews about this invisible hearing aid machine from clients:

Comfortable Wearing,

Ear plugs in the ear canal is not closed state,

Ear canal inside and outside air flow,

No stuffy feeling,

No damp feeling,

No swelling pian,

The wearer feel more comfortable and relaxed.

3.What should be note for wearing this invisible hearing aid?

- Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.
- Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.
- Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.
-If you hear a howling,check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.  
- Please regularly clean the ear plugs or ear molds in order to ensure the normal use of hearing aids. 
- Use for long periods of time, please remove the batteries to prevent battery rot erosion hearing aid components.

Our Company

     Founded in 2012, Byvision has been dedicated to creating highly innovative hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers with affordable price for the hearing impaired around the world. With the core mission "For Nice Hearing and Life', create the new brand Earsmate,and believes that a simple hearing device can help people enjoy their daily life with their families. Guided by ISO13485 Quality Management System(QMS) and China FDA supervision and permission, the Earsmate is proundly recognized for its complete integrated research and development team and manufacturing facilities along with speedy responsive technical support and after service. Earsmate is now being one of the world's best and most trusted OEM/ODM providers within the hearing devices industry.

    The Earsmate is a new hearing aid manufacturer and registered trademark from China.The Earsmate provides a full range of hearing aids devices. We produce digital hearing aids with unique and patent of self-factory designs, with features such as feedback blocking, speech direction adjustment, and high fidelity sound listening capability.However,the Earsmate do not make the line of hearing aids for children's.What sets the Earsmate apart is the Earsmate Rechargeable series hearing products. The batteries are sealed in the hearing aids body and come with a 500 time re-charging guarantee. A full charge will power the model G25 BT,a BTE bluetooth hearing aids for more than 60 hours of use continuously, the maximum working time by a rechargeable model of G25 will be 100 hours,which is the longest rechargeable battery hearing device in the market currently.And the charger is very simple to use,which is the DC5V 1000mA power adapter working with the USB interface and the micro 5-pin connector just as same as the android phone charger. You just connect the hearing aids to the charger and it works through induction technology. The Earsmate rechargeable hearing amplifier line is available in ITE, BTE, and RIC hearing aid styles.


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