CE & FDA Approval Analog Hearing Aid For Ear Hearing Loss

Product Details

The model G-20 is a CE & FDA Approval Analog hearing aid For ear Hearing Loss

Earsmate BTE Hearing aid amplifier 130dB fitting for mild to light severe hearing loss problem,Finger touch button control easy-to-use and wear back over right size ear and left side ear.It can use for all people,including the adults men and women,especially it would be better for old people that can operate by hand simple with no PC programmable software.

BTE G20B Details Earsmate hearing Amplifier

The OTC PSAP BTE hearing aid with Adjustable Volume button and Power On/Off Switcher available from EarsMATE

PSAP SOUND Amplifier Earsmate IMAGES

You don't always save money purchasing hearing devices on the internet Store of Ebay or Amazon,Wish,Sumclub

Many Online store claim they will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by purchasing through them. What they don't mention is that they bundle unnecessary accessories or services with the sale, leading to inflated prices. There are even some store that charge as much (or more) than local practices. Many suppliers also ask you to call in to get their complete pricing. At the EarsMATE, we provide our hearing aid prices for everyone based on the factory cost - that allows you to make an informed decision. When you show up at your dispenser or audiologist's office, you'll know you are getting a great deal.

Price or Budget

The process of purchasing hearing aids can be frustrating. There are many different models and technology levels to choose from and finding the right hearing aid for you is important. In addition, very few local suppliers will readily disclose all prices unless you have completed a complete hearing test with them. In general, hearing aid prices can vary from around $500 to several thousand for one device. This is why many people now choose to buy hearing aids online of the factory store. At EarsMATE, we made it our mission to lower the cost of hearing care and offer some of the best hearing aid prices around. For those who need it, we also offer hearing aid financing. 

Hearing aids won't make your hearing perfect, but they make sounds louder and clearer, reducing the impact hearing loss has on your life.The EarsMATE Hearing aids can:

1.Help you hear everyday sounds such as the doorbell and phone

2.Improve your ability to hear speech

3.Make you feel more confident when talking to people and make it easier for you to follow conversations in different environments

4.Help you to enjoy listening to music and the TV, at a volume that's comfortable for those around you


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