Small Hearing Aid Audicus Digital Hearing Aid Sound Amplifier With Trimmer N-H And Tone Adjustable

Product Details

The G-22 is a hearing aid types of small Hearing Aid Audicus digital hearing aid Sound Amplifier With Trimmer N-H And tone Adjustable

Mini BTE trimmer hearing aid Earsmate G-22


 Mini trimmer BTE hearing aid

 ●Unique Mini BTE hearing aid design

 ●Adjustable Volume button

 ●Trimmer N-H Switcher

 +Peak OSPL 90 (dB SPL):125dB

 +HAF OSPL 90 (dB SPL):115dB

 +Peak Gain(dB):50dB

 ●Zinc Air battery size A13

Mini BTE hearing aid with NH Trimmer and volume wheel control



Mini BTE hearing aid With NH trimmer adjustable

Technical Data

IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003



Peak OSPL 90 ( dB   SPL)


HFA OSPL 90 ( dB   SPL)


Peak Gain ( dB )


HFA/FOG Gain ( dB )


Total harmonic   wave distortion


Frequency range


Input Noise


Zinc Air battery


Power consumption

DC 1.5V, Current:   ≤1.5mA

Trimmer switcher

Yes, N-H switcher

Battery working

Working day time 20-30   days


Color box:   3.5*8.5*12 cm/unit, Gross weight:80g/unit

Certificates   Approved

CE,FCC & ROHS,   and the FDA 2017

The hearing aids Batteries tips(edit by Earsmate)

   While there are some instances that a hearing aid uses a rechargeable battery or a long-life disposable battery, the majority of modern hearing aids use one of five standard button cell zinc–air batteries. (Older hearing aids often used mercury battery cells, but these cells have become banned in most countries today.) Modern hearing aid button cell types are typically referred to by their common number name or the color of their packaging.

They are typically loaded into the hearing aid via a rotating battery door, with the flat side (case) as the positive terminal (cathode) and the rounded side as the negative terminal (anode).

These batteries all operate from 1.35 to 1.45 volts.

The type of battery a specific hearing aid utilizes depends on the physical size allowable and the desired lifetime of the battery, which is in turn determined by the power draw of the hearing aid device. Typical battery lifetimes run between 1 and 30 days (assuming 8-hour days).

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