New High Quality Trimmer RIC Hearing Aid BTE Discreet invisible Hearing Aids 2018

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New high quality trimmer RIC Hearing Aid BTE Discreet invisible Hearing Aids 2018

Ric Hearing Aid For TV Watching Radio With Noise Cancellation And Frequency Control
About the product
The model G-28-Ric is a discreet and invisible, extremely small and light weight hearing aid, you can easily forget you are wearing it on ear.Do you always ask people to repeat what they said, but a bit louder? Whether you have hearing problems due to your age, or due to stress or some kind of dysfunction, this Ric hearing amplifiers can help you hear again. It will allow you to have normal, flowing conversations.
Open fit hearing aid G-28-Ric 

  • Ready-to-use Open fit hearing device

  • Noise reduction technology

  • Feedback reduction technology

  • Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss

  • Designed for efficiency to ensure Long Battery Life

  • Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 115dB

  • HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 105dB±5dB

  • Peak Gain(dB) : ≤40dB

  • HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : ≤35dB

  • Distortion rate : ≤ 3.0% at 800Hz; ≤1.0% at 1600Hz

  • Battery Type: A13/AG5 button cell battery

  • Battery working time: 1 unit Battery A13 work for 300+hrs

  • Hearing aid size(in): 0.35x0.55x1.4 inch

  • Hearing aid net weight: 3.9g

  • Warranty:1 Year

Here is some more information about the RIC hearing aids:

RIC hearing aid

RIC is an acronym used describe a style of hearing aid. It stands for receiver-in-canal. This style of hearing aid is also sometimes referred to as RIE (receiver-in-ear), or RITE (receiver-in-the-ear). RIC hearing aids have a microphone and sound processor housed in a casing which sits behind the ear. This behind the ear portion of the hearing aid has a small wire running around the ear and into ear canal, which is known as the “receiver” and has a speaker on the end of it which sits in the ear canal. RIC hearing aids are the most popular hearing aids on the market, but a long shot.

Biggest advantage to RIC hearing aids
RIC hearing aids (often sometimes called open-fit hearing aids), are by far the most comfortable style of hearing aid on the market. After a few minutes wearing them, many people completely forget they are in their ears.

Biggest disadvantage to RIC hearing aids
The receiver (speaker) which sits inside the ear, has to be changed about every year or two. Over time they get brittle or are affected by moisture and quit working entirely. At that point, your hearing provider has to swap out the piece, which only takes a few minutes, but it can be a hassle for some.

The Discreet Ric hearing aids G-28-Ric Diagram:


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