Earsmate Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

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Earsmate Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

The model G-25 L is a built-in battery Rechargeable digital hearing aid with the NH Trimmer BTE Hearing Aid

The Earsmate Rechargeable Battery Hearing aids 3 advantages:


   Protect the environment.

    According to statistics,15 billion ordinary batteries are thrown away every year,all of which end up the landfil site.

    And they almost can not be decomposed.

 2.Money save.

  Rechargeable BTE hearing aid,with out the battery change issue and work.

   As usual,one battery works for about 7 days,and it needs about 50 batteries for each year.


  USB cable connection with the charger

  Just like charging the mobilephone,easily,quick and higher safety.

The G-25 L Earsmate hearing aid 


USB power charging interface,

For the moderate and severe hearing loss,

High quality sound frequence control mode N-H trimmer,

3.7V USB interface for power charger,

Low power work 0.8mA,the rechargeable Li-battery,

Built-in Battery work Duration for 100 hours by only 4 hours power charging,

500 times rechargeable cycle Battery Life

The hearing aid body has the trimmer mode button,

The Power on/off switcher, 

The volume wheel button,

The LED power indicator,

G-25 BTE Hearing aid 

Technical Data: 
1.Max sound output: 130±5dB
2.Sound gain: ≤45dB
3.Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤5%
4.Frequency range: 200Hz~4500Hz
5.Input noise: ≤28dB
6.Voltage: D.C.3.7V,0.8mA low power
7.Rechargeable battery working 60 hours


Q:What is your main business line?

A:Hearing aid including BTE,ITE,CIC,digital,rechargeable and hearing aid accessories.

Q:Are you a manufactuer?If yes,where is your factory located?
A:Yes,we are the hearing aid manufacturer and our factory is located in Guangdong,China.

Q:What is the lead time for your regular order?
A:3-5 days upon order confirmation.

Q:How about the payment term and warranty policy?
A:Payment term:T/T,Paypal,Western Union and Money Gram
    Warranty:2-year Warranty for all Earsmate hearing aids.

Q:How do you ship the order?How long will the goods arrive at our place?
A:We ship the order by well known international shipping companies such as
    DHL,UPS,FedEx and TNT.It will take 3-5 days to arrive at your side.