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Step counter

This step counter is a small pedometer for walking step counting,for the people walk exercise,old people healthcare fix.

Pedometer: 588

1) Features

1. LCD display

2. Count the passed steps,the maximum for 99999 steps

3. Press RESET button to clear the steps

4. ABS materials and light weight 20g

5. Smaller size: 4.8x3.5x2.2cm

6. If no response or operation for more than 120 seconds,the step counter will enter Snooze Mode.Return back to operation by pressing any key or working


2) Power

1. DC 1.5V Cell battery AG10 or the same kind batteries

2. Last working life 6-12 months with 1 AG10 Battery


3) Remarks

1. Step counter’s accuracy: ±5%

2. Step counter is not accurate if running , jumping or fast walk

3. In order to ensure the accuracy,please hang the step counter correctly

Packing and pictures:

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