Smart Thermometer

Product Details

Smart Thermometer with the Infrared forehead thermometer temperature gun shape for baby healthcare


Product features

«32 sets of memory.after shutdown. 

«Temperature conversion: ℃or℉ 

«Voltage power detection,Low power consumption

Product specifications

«Product size: 143mm×93mm×38mm 

«Storage temperature: -20℃~50℃ 

«Storage humidity: 15%~90% 

«Operating temperature: 10℃~40℃ 

«Operating humidity: 40%~85% 

«Display: LCD digital display 

«Measurement methods: infrared radiation temperature measurement 

«Measurement range: low temperature / high temperature: the human body: 32.0℃~42.5℃


«Resolution: 0.1 degrees Celsius (0.1 degrees Fahrenheit) «Accuracy:

±0.3℃(±0.5℉) 32℃~35.9℃(89.6℉~96.6℉)

±0.2℃(±0.4℉) 36℃~39℃(96.8℉~102.2℉)

±0.3℃(±0.5℉) 39℃~42.5℃(102.2℉~108.5℉)

«Voltage: 3V 

«Power consumption: < 3mW

Packing information

«Box size: 19.5cmX14.5cmX6cm, 

«Outside box volume: 46.8cmX30.3cmX50cm 

«Weight: 200 grams per carton, 50 units per carton, 10 kg weight per box

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