Top Selling Brand Pairs Hearing Aids Small In The Canal ITC Mini Hearing Aid Amplifier Tone Adjust And #10 Size Battery Working 150 Hours

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Top Selling Brand Pairs Hearing Aids Small In The Canal ITC Mini Hearing Aid Adsound Amplifier Tone Adjust And #10 Size Battery Working 150 Hours

About the Product:

The Over the Counter (OTC) Personal Hearing Amplifier G-15 is fitting for mild to moderate severe hearing loss. We make this hearing aids fitting all men and women hearing loss degree of mild,moderate or moderate severe impaired.By the new technology and low current drain,this hearinig aids have a long last working for about 100 hours in one unit Zinc Air battery of A10 Size.

Fitting this G-15 hearing aid,does not require any extra appointments, prescriptions, or additional fittings that are required with other hearing devices. We provide you with everything you need to enhance your good hearing and enjoy the nice life.


Key Features:

  • Digital Hearing Amplifier In Ear

  • Comfortable and light weight

  • Crystal Clear sound output

  • Friendly Using for Mild to severe hearing loss

  • Easy-to-use by finger adjust the volume

  • Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 125dB

  • HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 110dB±5dB

  • Full on Acoustic Gain: ≤45dB

  • HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : ≤35dB

  • EQ Input Noise: ≤ 28 dB

  • Frequency Range: 200Hz-5500 Hz

  • Input Noise (dB): 28dB

  • Zinc air battery A10

  • Long last working for 100 hours

  • Unit Box weight:60g

  • G-10 size(in): 0.95x0.7x0.55 inch

  • net weight: 2.4g

  • Materials: ABS

  • Warranty 1 year

What's the kit including?

  • 1x Compact Carry case

  • 1x Invisible Hearing Aid

  • 3x Ear Plugs to fit most Ears

  • 1x Cleaning Brush tool

  • 2x Zinc Air Battery size A10

  • 1x User Manual


Product NameIn ear gnhearing Aids sound enhancer
Fitting RangeFor mild to moderate severe hearing loss
ApplicationAll people both right ear and left Ear
Technical DataIEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003
Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)120dB±5dB
HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)110dB±5dB
Peak Sound Gain(dB)≤45dB
HAF/FOG Gain (dB)35dB

Total harmonic distortion/


≤3.0% at 500Hz
≤1.0% at 800Hz
≤1.0% at 1600Hz
Frequency range(Hz)200Hz-5500Hz
Input Noise(dB)≤28dB
Zinc Air batteryA10 size
Power consumptionDC 1.5V, Current: ≤2mA
Power switcherBy battery compartment
Battery workingWorking day time 10-15 days(100 Hours)
Package including1 x G-15 Hearing aid
3 x Large,Mid,Small size Ear Plug
1 x Cleaning Brush tool
1 x Cell battery( 2 or more battery available)
1 x Easy read User manual
1 x compact carry box
MaterialsABS for hearing aid body
Silica gel or silicone for Earplug
Paper Color box/OEM
Packing and sizeColor box:10x8x3.5cm or 3.93x3.1x1.4 inch
Hearing Aid size: 1.1x0.7x0.55 inch
Hearing aid net weight: 3.0g
200 units in a standard carton
Gross weight is 15.5KG per carton
CertificatesFDA,FCC,CE and ROHS
Warranty1 Year warranty and Life time service


Who can use this In Ear Hearing aids ?
1.This Invisible Hearing aids are suitable for people who have the comunications difficulties with families,friends,son,daughters,colleagues and others every day.
2.This ITC Hearing aids are fitting for adults men and women who have the mild to moderate Severe hearing loss.
3.The product mini ITC hearing aids can fit for the Right Ear or Left Ear with the Hearing loss.


Tips for effective use this In Ear Hearing Aids G-15: 

1. New zinc-air hearing aids batteries need oxygen to provide power.

They get this oxygen when a small sticker on the back of the hearing aid battery is removed, exposing the zinc inside the battery to air, and activating the battery.
2. Fit the hearing amplifier into your ear canal deep enough for effective use.
3. If you hear LOW sound or more noise in your hearing aid, the item ran out of batteries.

Please purchase a new Hearing Aids Size 10 Zinc Air Batteries for continuous use.
4. It is designed doesn't have an "OFF" switch, Just keep the battery compartment open.

5. 1 Year Warranty with your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

 The GNHearingAID Tips:

Recognize the Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can happen to anyone. Today more than 38 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss.


Here are some of the signs to watch for yourself or your loved ones that could indicate hearing loss:

1.Some people can sound like they are mumbling. Does that sound familiar?

2.Difficulty hearing friends or family on the telephone is another sign of hearing loss.

3.Family and friends start to comment that the TV is too loud—and they are not just talking about the commercials.

4.Sometimes, those with hearing loss misunderstand what people are saying, causing some ideas, sentences or thoughts to not make sense.

5.Hearing loss can make it difficult to focus on and follow conversations. Have you noticed this happening for yourself or a loved one?

6.Exhaustion or headaches at the end of a day can be another sign. This may be caused by the extra work it takes to hear the surroundings.

7.Difficulty following a conversation if two or more people are talking at once can be another symptom.

8.Noisy environments can create further difficulty hearing conversations. If you notice that it's no longer a pleasure to eat out at loud restaurants or bars, this could be the reason.

9.Women’s and children’s voices can be particularly hard to hear.

G-15 In Ear Hearing aid amplifier Diagram:

In Ear Hearing Aids For Hearing Loss With Volume Adjust And 100 hrs Last Working
GNHearingAID Terms and Conditions:
Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available
Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping
Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service
Skype: roger.cctv

Whatsapp/wechat:(86) 185 6577 5544

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