Mini As Fingertip Small Hearing Aid Of Healthcare Devices For Ear Sound Amplifier

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This is a mini size as fingertip small Hearing Aid of healthcare devices For Ear Sound Amplifier And Hearing Enhancer By EarsMate using the #13A Battery can last working for 300 hours

The Earsmate G10 is an excellent in-ear personal digital hearing amplifier that is great for helping users who need a sound boost in various situations like watching TV or having conversations. It comes in two colors, one model is beige color as the default style and the OEM color will be blue color or back color.

PSAP G10 Amplifier In ear

The G-10 is fitting for people with mild to light severe hearing loss problem wearing in both right and left Ear canal. 

Why is Earsmateļ¼š


Mini in ear hearing aid G-10  is the 100% NEW brand Small In ear Hearing devices

Earsmate ITC Hearing Aid 2020 G10

About the Fitting:

Modern hearing aids require configuration to match the hearing loss, physical features, and lifestyle of the wearer. This process is called "fitting" and is performed by audiologists. The amount of benefit a hearing aid delivers depends in large part on the quality of its fitting. Devices similar to hearing aids include the bone 

anchored hearing aid, and cochlear implant.

OTC hearing amplifiers and aids:

OTC hearing amplifiers and aids for the elderly are now directly under the watch of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all such aids/amplifiers will hence, be produced according to the specifications of the agency.

To conclude this section, as far as safety goes, over the counter hearing aids or amplifiers are completely safe for you either as a Senior or an elderly person since their production, marketing and sale is directly monitored by a federal agency of the US.

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