In The Ears Small Hearing Aid G15 Ready-to-wear And Easy-to-Use Offer Amazing Sound Quality Designed For People With Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss.

Product Details

The model is in the ears canal small hearing aid ready-to-wear and Easy-to-Use, offer amazing sound quality. 

Designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and light severe loss. 

The new brand Earsmate G-10 is a type of In-The-Canal (ITC) Digital Hearing Amplifier Earsmate Hearing AID With clearly technology to make voices crystal clear and loud, even at low volumes and Save a couple thousand dollars.

The G-10 In Ear Hearing Aids is more and more popular in market with all adults men and women fitting in both right ear and left ear perfect comfortable to improve the mild to moderate severe hearing loss problem.

 PSAP G10 Amplifier In ear

G-10 hearing device fitting in Ears working by just one unit A13 Zinc Air cell battery lasting for 300 hours,approved by the CE FCC,ROHS FDA-US, CFDA-China,Free sale Certificates

Earsmate ITC Hearing Aid 2020 G10

ITC Mini Hearing aid G-10

PSAP Amplifier Diagram G10

G-10 In Ear Hearing Aids image and Battery Installation Guideline:

G10 battery replace instruction by Earsmate

Comfortable Design and Easy Operation

The simplicity digital hearing Amplifier G-10 is a miniature in-the-ear hearing aid offered exclusively by EarsMATE. It features a comfortable in ear design, and securely provides quality sound amplification with minimal feedback or whistling. An easy-to-use push-button control helps deliver optimum audio clarity in any sound environment, for better hearing every time. Plus, this in-the-ear hearing aid won't interfere with your glasses. You'll enjoy all-day hearing comfort without hassle. The simplicity features the same technology and quality as hearing aids sold by hearing professionals.

What you receive with the G10 Hearing Kit?
PSAP G10 pack

Provider Note:

Hearing loss is a very personal and costly condition. Often times, the person with the hearing loss is the last to acknowledge their struggles. General Hearing Instruments has a solution to help consumers with a mild to moderate high-frequency loss. As the hearing devices manufacturer and provider in the market, we EarsMATE offer an affordable line of 100% digital and analog products of variety styles In the Ear (ITE) and Over the Ear (OTE) hearing aids. Our hearing aids are so unique and lightweight you will forget you are wearing them. We manufacture our Ready-to-Wear and OTC hearing aids to the exact same specifications as the custom-molded products ,except we are able to save you thousands of dollars.

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