High Quality Sound In The Ear Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid Usb Portable Ear Hearing Amplifier

Product Details

High Quality sound in the ear mini Rechargeable Hearing aid usb portable ear hearing amplifier.

The G-12,is a new Earsmate rechargeable mini hearing aid,in the ear hearing aid,which can work lasting for 30-40 hours.

It has the Power on/off switcher and the volume adjustable button. 

 In Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid Earsmate

Product Model Number is G-12(black,beige or blue color availabe) USB Rechargeable ITE hearing Aid

Earsmate G-12 Rechargeable Product Information:

Specification G12 Earsmate 

The Earsmate Rechargeable hearing aid diagram and how to charge:

Earsmate In the Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid PSAPs

 The G-12 package is including: User manual, Earplug, USB power adapter,cable and Charge stand

AMP Rechargeable G12 6

Earsmate Tips:

Do you need to wear Hearing Aids?

When you have the hearing problem to inquiry for getting a hearing aid,it must be to avoid some mistaken ideas.

Hearing aids are not stranger in our life, especially for some seniors and elderly people with hearing loss, need to wear hearing aids to enhance the voice from the outside world.


The first mistaken idea is: Hearing AIDS should be checked immediately if you find that your hearing is not good.

If hearing loss occurs, you can go to the otolaryngology department of the local hospital for a check-up to find out the causes of hearing loss, and then do further treatment to make the decision whether need to wear hearing aids or not.If hearing loss is not too bad or not seriously,it could no need to wear hearing aids right away. the Chinese standard is that when hearing loss is 45 decibels,you need to fit and wear the right hearing aids. But in the international community ,the standard is when hearing loss up to be 35 decibels,you should wear hearing aids.So,the national conditions are not the same,due to the different living habits and requirements.


Mistaken Idea 2: Old people have poor hearing when they are aging and no need hearing aids.

It is normal for the aging people’s hearing loss to increasing. If you don’t intervene and let it go, this will be worse things. Over time,the hearing will decline and the communication with people will become more and more difficult, the speech recognition will be lower and lower, bringing much inconvenience to daily life.so when the hearing is declining, it is necessary to intervene in this senile hearing loss by checking the audition machine.

Mistaken idea 3: Wearing hearing aids can lead to dependence and faster hearing loss.

Some people have hesitation to wear hearing aids because they are worried about the dependence upon they are wearing the hearing aids. They think that once they wear them, they will never be able to take them off again and their hearing will decline faster than before.By the theory, hearing aids can delay hearing loss and maintain the original speech recognition ability. There are some studies have shown that early wearing of hearing aids can protect patients' speech recognition function of the central nervous system.

Mistaken idea 4. Deafness can be cured without hearing aids

After the doctor's diagnosis, many old people are told that they will not listen to the doctor's advice when fitting hearing aids. They are looking for medicine everywhere in the hope of finding a cure way. In fact, there is no effective treatment for the nervous deafness in the world at present. Generally speaking, hearing aids should be worn if people have the mild hearing loss of about 35 dB. Wearing hearing aids as early as possible can not only effectively solve daily communication problems,but also can protect and postpone the hearing decline.

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