Hearing Aid In The Ear Mini Sound Amplifier For Hearing Loss Improve

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Hearing aid in the ear mini Earsmate sound amplifier for hearing loss improve.

The perfect low battery drain will give your battery extra longer working time over for 300+ hours,if the hearing aid working 10 hours each day,the one unit Hearing aid Battery Zinc Air #A13 can last work for you one month or 30 days,which will save your trouble to change the batteries every day.
Earsmate G10 In Ear Hearing Aids

New In the Ear hearing aids Diagram

Packaging in The Box and Accessories:


In the Ear Hearing Aids G-10 Beige or blue color

Earsmate Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aids for Nice Hearing and Life

Full On Gain

Do you know what is the Full on gain?

It is means that at a specified frequency point, the gain is controlled at the maximum (full gear), the other controller is at the specified position, and the hearing aid is measured at the linear input and output. Gain. The circuit is required to be in a state of saturation and compression, and the input-output relationship curve is substantially linear. When measuring, the volume potentiometer is in full position, input a medium-intensity sound (50DB or 60DB), sweep in the range of 200-8000HZ, and measure the frequency response curve of the full-scale gain. If the 60DB SPL input sound has saturated the hearing aid output, consider using a 50DB SPL input sound. For hearing aids that cannot manually turn off the AGC function, the 50DB SPL input sound is also used to prevent the AGC circuit from starting. When the full-range sound gain is described as a numerical value, two values are usually taken, one is the peak full-range sound gain value and the other is the average full-range sound gain value of the high-frequency average HFA (1000hz/1600hz/2500hz). Usually, the IEC standard takes the peak value, and the ANSI value is the HFA is the full-range sound gain.

The practical significance of the full-range sound gain indicator is used to indicate the maximum amplification capability of the hearing aid.


All of our Hearing Aids are approvel by FDA,FC,CE and ROHS Certificates for Europe and USA market



The FONIX8000 Hearing Aid Test System

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