Small Best Hearing Aid G15 In Ear Sound Amplifier Affordable Life Ear Hearing Aid Online Purchase

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The best hearing aids are the ones you are comfortable wearing. Use a Hearing Aid Finder to see the difference between hearing aidstyles.

Small best Hearing Aid G15 In ear Sound Amplifier affordable life ear hearing aid online purchase

New Brand B&G of ByVision & Great-Ear and high quality mini hearing aid sound amplifier;

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G-15 is a mini in Ear canal hearing aid with digital performance
*Unique Extra small hearing aid
*In-ear inner design
 + Peak OSPL 90 (dB SPL):125dB
 + Frequency range:200-5500Hz
 + Peak gain: 45dB
 + Input noise: 30dB

+Total harmonic distortion(THD): 1%
 * Adjustable volume button
 * moderate/severe hearing loss
 * Zinc air A10 Battery,working for 150 hours


1.Convenient for watching movies, enjoying the drama, attending meetings, or having classes you hear the sound clearly and loudly; 

3.Adjust volume to the minimum before using;

4.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound;

Tone Adjust Mini In Ear Canal Hearing aid Spec.


In ear Adjustable Micro hearing aid Amplifier ITC       

Technical Data

IEC 60118-7/ANSI   S3.22-2003



Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)




Sound Gain/Max


Total harmonic wave distortion


Frequency range


Equivalent Input Noise (dB)


Zinc Air battery


Power consumption

DC 1.5V, Current: ≤2mA

Volume switcher


Battery working

Working day time 15-20 days

Mini Body size         

small body size

Certificates Approved

CE,FCC & ROHS, and the FDA 2017

Trade Terms and Service:

A-Payment Terms:

    Q: What is the payment terms for Order,please?

    A: You can pay by T/T bank,or Western Union,Moneygram.

      Also,the Paypal, L/C,is acceptable.

B- Delivery and Shipping:

1. Q:What is the delivery time/Lead time for order,please?

      A: 1.For samples,the lead time is about 3-4 days.

        2. For bulk order 100-500pcs,the lead time is about 5-7 days.

        3. If Order over 1000+Pcs the lead time will be about 7-9 days.

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