New Brand Mini In Ear Hearing Aid Invisible Micro Sound Amplifier With Zinc Air Battery Size A10

Product Details

New brand Mini In Ear Hearing Aid Invisible Micro sound Amplifier With Zinc Air Battery Size A10

I was hearing things again that I did not hear before. Family talking at the dinning room table. They were great when I was at a conference. I could turn them up with just a touch of a button and it did't matter how far back I was sitting. They work great outside with no feed back. My Earsmate G16 are wonderful and I recommend them to others.

EMate Digital G16D BB

Wearing this Earsmate mini hearing aids G-16 are convenient for watching movies, enjoying the drama, attending meetings, or having classes, it could help you hear the sound clearly and loudly.

New brand Earsmate Best invisible in the canal ITC hearing aid  G-16.

G16 Details

New Brand Earsmate high quality mini hearing aid sound amplifier G-16 Blue color


Using tips by Earsmate:

1.Adjust volume to the minimum before using.

2.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

3.Select the right Earbud size to insert into the ear canal to reduce the Whistle or feedback

4.The Earsmate beige color G-16 have been the top 10 best seller on Amazon Store 

5.Install the #10 size battery properly before wearing it in ears,please be sure to put the (+)pole upward

How to wear the invisible New hearing Aid AMP

Clients Reviews by Barlly F.:

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hearing aid. It's much better and more comfortable than the one that I paid thousands of dollars for. I'm telling my friends who can't afford the expensive aids that Earsmate is affordable and in my opinion, better. My Earsmate has made me feel less isolated and I now enjoy going out to lunch and being with people. It's worth every penny.

When choosing a hearing aid, there are several factors to consider.

Although we make a point to carry brands devoted to providing the most advanced technology and high-quality products, there is no one "best" hearing aid brand. However, we make it a point to partner only with manufacturers and brands that offer the most trusted quality hearing aids that provide better sound and overall hearing health.

More important than finding the best brand is finding the best hearing aid for your unique hearing loss and personal lifestyle. When choosing a hearing aid, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • 1.Daily activities: Are you in social settings often? Are you physically active? The types of environments you immerse yourself daily are key in determining the right kind of hearing aid.

  • 2.Budget: Hearing aids are a costly investment, so you want to ensure you set a budget beforehand so you don't end up with unexpected additional costs.

  • 3.Size: Ears come in all shapes and sizes, and so do hearing aids. Connect Hearing offers several different types of hearing aids to best suit your needs and comfort level. Also, if you have trouble seeing or handling small objects, you may want to consider a larger hearing aid that’s easier to clean and control.

While there are many factors to consider, working with a trained Hearing Care Professional is the best option to help you identify the best hearing aid for your loss.

Find your best hearing aid today! Call us Earsmate by Whatsapp of 0086-185-65-775544 to schedule a free hearing consultation, or to book an appointment online.

The Earsmate Mission
It is our goal to provide you affordable, high quality, digital hearing aids, equivalent to what's found in an audiologist office, without the hassle or fuss. You have the right to buy-direct from the manufacturer, , 


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