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The  Best NEW Top Sales Invisible Hearing Aid on Ebay and Amazon of Model G-16,the Advanced Digital personal Sound Amplifier with finger tiny size approved by FDA USA.

EMate Digital G16D BB

New Invisible Hearing aid G-16:

1. Light Small Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone In ear Canal  ITC Hearing Aid

2. When you see the film, watch the play, have meeting, or have classes, this product can help you to hear the sound clearly and loudly

3. Made of durable soft plastic material that comfortable

4. While in forest, if you want to hear very slight sound, it will be a good choice

5. It can be used for sound amplifier

6. Max sound output: 110±5dB

7. Sound gain: ≥30dB

8. Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%

9. Frequency range: 300-4500Hz

10. Input noise: ≤30dB

11. Mini Size: 16 x 12 x 0.9 m,tiny as the fingertip

12. Voltage: DC 1.5V,A10 size battery

13. Current: ≤4mA

G16 Details

Use instruction by Earsmate :

This item G-16 can work for both left ear and the right ear, so please be freely to place your order!!!

How to wear the invisible New hearing Aid AMP


Do I have to wear two hearing aids?

Hearing with both ears offers many advantages, such as increased ability to locate sound sources, hearing nuances and less listening strain. The Better Hearing Institute also cites the following reasons: 
   • People wearing two hearing aids understand speech and conversation better. 
   • With two hearing aids, people can hear sounds from a farther distance. 
   • Loud sounds are better tolerated, because a lower volume control setting is required with two hearing aids. 
   • With a lower volume control setting, the chance of hearing aid feedback with a binaural fitting is reduced.

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Earsmate Hearing Aid Devices

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