Top 6 Earsmate best digital hearing aid/amplifier for senior and elderly

Top 6 Earsmate best digital hearing aid/amplifier for senior and elderly

Earsmate HA

1.Earsmate Rechargeable Digital RIC Hearing Aid G-28D RIC

The Earsmate 28D RIC is an excellent and affordable Mini BTE Digital hearing aid that has won the satisfaction of the many customers in USA, and despite the low price, the quality and reliability that it offers cannot be denied. It features 4 channel wide dynamic range compression(WDRC) modes (Quiet/Noise/Indoor/outdoor 4 modes)that can be used to improve your listening environment or conditions so that you always get a crystal clear sound.

The noise reduction processing is controlled with a digital chip circuitry which means that the device is able to isolate even the smallest voice and enhance it while ignoring the many background noises. The simple touch volume controls up/down has an unique design that makes it very easy to personalize the volume,as well as the automatical memory if poweroff.

You also get an easy-to-use micro-USB rechargeable charging port that gives you 30-40 hours of use with only 4-6 hours of charge time. This can eliminate the trouble of having to continually replace the battery, saving you both time and money.

The G-28D RIC newest 16 bands Digital Ric hearing aids more information


Ready to wear as it comes assembled

Provides a digital noise cancellation

Features powerful 16 bands digital processor

Mostly discreet due to its small size

It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

Easy to charge


Relatively affordable(less $118.0 for a pair of (right+left) 2 units,by shipping free DHL/FedEx/TNT 3- 5 days delivery.)

Products specification:

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