The reason for high-frequency hearing loss

The reason for high-frequency hearing loss

People with this high-frequency hearing loss condition have trouble hearing sounds in the 2,000 to 8,000 Hertz (Hz) range.And the high-frequency hearing loss occurs when the sensory hearing cells in your cochlea die or are damaged.

All ages people of children,adults,senior and elderly can be affected by the high-frequency hearing loss.However,the reasons causing it are just as varied.It is including the factors of noise,aging,genetics,medications and diseases and so on.

Noise - According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, more than 10 million Americans have suffered irreversible damage due to noise-induced hearing loss, with 30-50 million more exposed to dangerous noise levels on a daily basis. The damage can occur as the result of a one-time, loud exposure to noise, such as a gunshot or explosion, or can occur over time with constant exposure to noise louder than 85 decibels (dB).

Aging - Hearing loss that occurs as the result of the aging process is called presbycusis. Because this is a slow process which usually affects both ears equally, it’s often difficult to notice. One of the first signs is the inability to understand speech in noisy environments and high-frequency sounds.

Genetics - Check your family history. If your relatives developed high-frequency hearing loss, you may be genetically predisposed to developing it as well.

Medications - Some types of drugs are ototoxic, meaning they are harmful to your hearing health. Some of the more common ototoxic drugs include salicylates (aspirin) in large quantities, drugs used in chemotherapy treatments and aminoglycoside antibiotics.

Diseases - Meniere’s disease, which affects the inner ear, often occurs between the ages of 30-50 and may include fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo or intense dizziness. In children, chronic otitis media (commonly known as an ear infection) can lead to hearing loss if it’s untreated. If your child has chronic, recurring ear infections, please consult your pediatrician or an otologist for medical treatment before it affects their speech and language development.

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