Some ear health care in daily life by Earsmate

The ear is an auditory organ in the Five senses of human body. It can feel the various sounds of nature and world. If the hearing is lost, it is equivalent to being isolated from the world.

In fact,except for the congenital hearing loss, many ear diseases can be prevented in daily life. Here,we the earsmate of the hearing aids manufacturer share you some ear health care method in daily life.

There are 11 ways to protect our ear hearing:

1. Giving up the habit of removing earwax your ears

2. Prevent water flowing into the ear when washing your hair and taking a bath

3. Do the physical examination before swimming in summer

4. Auricular trauma, frostbite should be prevented from infection strictly.

5. Stay away from the noise and explosion scenes

6. Keep away from tobacco, alcohol and ototoxic drugs

7. Avoid hitting the head

Hitting the head could cause the hearing impaired,especially to attack the ear by palm, since attacking the ear by palm could break the eardrum.In life, the damage of the ear hearing caused by external force is not uncommon.

8. To master the correct method of blowing your nose

The right way is blowing the left and right nose one by one. Do not pinch the right and left nose and blow them at the same time, because the posterior part of the nasal cavity communicates with the middle ear cavity (the eustachian tube). If the nose is improper, the nasal secretions can be driven into the middle ear cavity to cause the otitis media.

9. Be more caution to take the flight?

Those who have colds, upper respiratory tract infections, or eustachian tube dysfunction should not travel by air flight. Otherwise, they may cause aviation otitis media, ear pain, eardrum congestion, middle ear effusion and even the hearing loss.

10. Beware of other diseases

The hypertension and arteriosclerosis is the main causes for deafness by the systemic diseases. 

11. Regularly exam hearing

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