Earsmate hearing aid troubleshooting and DIY for remedy

Earsmate hearing aid troubleshooting and DIY for remedy

If you suspect a malfunction,perform the following checks,since a simple operating error may be the cause of the problem.Perform the following checks,and if the problem persists,consult your supplier or any service centre.

If No sound or sound is distorted:

  -Check the battery is installed correctly.

  -Replace the battery by new one.

  -Check connection between earphones and main unit.

  -Raise the sound volume.

Howling sound is heard:

 -Make sure earphone is inserted security in ear.

 -Using the volume dial to lower the sound level.

 -Change to a different size of earphone tip.

If you the earphone tips become dirty,remove them from the hearing device body and clean it.

-When earphone-microphones are dirty,wipe with a dry,soft cloth.Take care not to blow into the speaker unit.

-If a hand is passed over the microphone,feedback sound(howling)may be audible.In this case,remove your hand from the region of the microphone,or lower the volume.

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