Digital Hearing Aid Manufacturers China

Digital Hearing Aid Manufacturers China

The EarsMATE is a professional company which major in producing hearing aid, digital hearing aid, hearing amplifier etc health care product since 2013. With the advanced production test equipment, outstanding salesteam and great supplier, we have already build up a management program to exploiting market and after-sales service. This sales value management help our product enjoy good reputation home and abroad, meanwhile, we gain a lot of famous customer around the world.

Our product have passed a series of quality certificate (CE/ISO/FDA,etc) as to cooperate with the overseas market. Now we have several branch office in China, also, successfully have some agent in Europe at the beginning of 2017. In order to provide more high efficient service to overseas customer, we will increase more agent and branch in different market next.

DHA G26 RL Earsmate B4

The G26RL is the first-ever BTE Digital hearing aid to use newest digital technology to provide superior sound quality and the ability to improve your hearing and physical health. This G26RL Digital Hearing aid device is compatible with DC5V USB charger, giving you direct charge the Lithium Ion battery with your Android phone power supply anytime,which super quality rehargeable battery can work for 40 hours contutiniously after a short 4-6 hours charging when you take it off for sleep at night.

DHA G26 RL Earsmate A3


1.Is Digital hearing aids costly or not?

  First of all,the EarsMATE give  you the answer is NO!

  There are many expensive digital hearing aids in the market,including online shop of Amazon,Ebay,Walmart,CVS,Aliexpress,Costco,But, the hearing aids industry would have a revolution by one of a new brand manufacturer from China,which is the EarsMATE, 

2. What is the EarsMATE Digital Hearing Aid price ?

   Now,let's make a short introduction with the Earsmate NEW 4 channeal digital hearing aid price

  The model G26RL adopt the latest digital chipsets and proprietary intelligent charging circuit, high-quality lithium Ion battery in the Eco Friendly and attractive hearing aid product. Wearers will appreciate the universal MICRO-USB interface and an unprecedented 4 hours charge time for 30-40 hours of full operation! The break-through intelligent charging chip circuit minimizes heat and makes 'green' technology a practical reality for hearing aid users. And what's more, you would no need to worry about the high cost any more.

The new Earsmate G26 RL 4 Channel WDRC processing and 16 bands frequency digital hearing aids can seriously improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss at cheap price only $119 only for 2 packed a pair untis by DHL free shipping including all what you need in packaging.

DHA G26 RL Earsmate 3