Buy Bluetooth hearing aid from $19.9 at factory price by Earsmate

Buy Bluetooth hearing aid from $19.9 at factory price by Earsmate

Hearing aids are the important devices to improved hearing and can provide a better Nice quality of life for all Adults,Senior or elderly with hearing loss. 

The Earsmate are one of the world's new brand and manufacturers on hearing aids and we have a lot of valuable devices available in the factory located in China. 

At, you will find a wide range of hearing aids,workable for managing the mild or moderate or severe degree of hearing loss, ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing impairments. Hearing devices are a popular way of fitting sensorineural hearing loss, one of the most common types of permanent hearing impairment.

We supply the following types of Earsmate hearing aids:

In the ear (G10 ,G12,G17)

Behind the ear (G20,G22,G25,G26,G28 Series)

Invisible (G11,G16 series)

The devices we provide are OTC items and ready to wear on arrival. There is neither need to consult a hearing care professional, nor will you require a prescription or approval from a medical practitioner. Simply, you could buy the hearing aid you need directly online and have it delivered straight to your door from our factory by Express courier of DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT etc..

Here,let's make a brief product introduction for one of our BTE hearing aid G-25BT,which is a fanshion and unique design wireless bluetooth hearing aid with the High quality Lithium-ion rechargeable battery,which has the super long battery working time by each full charging.


Benefits of Earsmate bluetooth Hearing Aid G-25BT

Fitting for your Nice Hearing and Life is one of the biggest benefits and rewards hearing aids provide.

Some more benefits includings:

   -The ability to enjoy the sounds you love to hear

   -No longer miss out on conversations thanks to improved clarity and amplified sound

   -Function with other devices via the bluetooth ZTQ to be compatible Android/Iphone cell phones,TV,Movies,Music player,Ipad etc..

   -Updated features provide consistent and sustained sounds in mixed environments

   -Reduction in background noise for a pleasurable listening experience

   -Bluetooth pairing to mobile phone for handfree or Music enjoy 5-6 hours

   -Quality Lithium Ion battery lasting 50-60 hours for hearing aid 


Hearing aid style and design improvements make devices comfortable to wear

Depending on the degree level of your hearing impairment, certain devices may be more suitable for managing your hearing loss. The models we supply are designed with mild to moderate hearing loss and can be pre-programmed to meet your needs.