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Small Hearing Aid Machine In Ear Hearing Aids With Voice Control And Long Battery Life For Hearing Loss

About the Products:

This earsmate in ear hearing aids G-16 is tiny as the finger tip size,almost invisible and hidden in the ear canal. No one will know you're wearing this unique high-tech hearing amplification device.Fits discreetly and compactly in right and left ear. Comfortable and very effective. It is available in Beige and blue color.

As the professional hearing aid manufacturer and producer,we hope you to re-gain enjoying the natural sounds of everyday life.Your satisfaction is our biggest profit, and this hearing amplifiers are selling and shipping from factory of China directly based the terms of the best price in the market which is affordable for any budget.

Invisible In Ear Hearing aid G-16

  • Balanced armature earphone hearing aid

  • Noise cancellation technology

  • Micro mini size less than finger tip

  • Volume size change from low to high by finger

  • Fitting in either Ear for hearing loss

  • Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 115dB

    HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 106dB±5dB

  • Peak Gain(dB) :less than 35dB

  • HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : ≤30dB

  • Distortion rate : ≤ 2.0% at 500Hz;

                      ≤1.2% at 1600Hz

  • EQ Input Noise: ≤ 28 dB

  • Battery Voltage : 1.5 V

  • Battery size:# 10 Zinc air battery

  • 1 unit Battery A10 work for 80+hrs

  • 3 Size Ear plugs

  • Color box(in): 3.1x3.1x1.4 inch

  • Light weight: 1.2g

  • Material: ABS and silicone

The Mini Invisible Hearing Aids G-16 
1. Ultra mini size and light weight hearing amplifier machine – Net weight only 1.2g
2. Crystal clear sound controlled by high quality chip, noise feedback reduction
3. The best Moving Iron earphone(balanced armature earphone) to provide the digital quality sound
4. Using A10 size zinc air battery, less current interference, Long last working over 80+ hours
5. Ergonomic-fit design for Left or Right ear, comfortable wearing, hidden inner canal
6. Accurate and easy volume control by using adjust-bar

Packing including:

  • 1x Compact Carry case

  • 1x Invisible Hearing Aid

  • 3x Ear Plugs to fit most Ears

  • 1x Cleaning Brush tool

  • 2x Zinc Air Battery size A10

  • 1x User Manual

Who can use this small Hearing aid ?
1. This Invisible Hearing aids are suitable for people who have the comunications difficulties with families,friends,son,daughters,colleagues and others every day.
2. This ITC Hearing aids are fitting for adults men and women who have the mild to moderate Severe hearing loss.
3. The product mini ITC hearing aids can fit for the Right Ear or Left Ear with the Hearing loss.
 The Earsmate Tips:
A: Why there is noise?

  1. Pease be aware of these issues if any:

  2. If you hear noise, it may be the sound of the current,which needs time to adapt to, please understand.

  3. If you increase the volume, the sound of current will also be increased more obviously like the sound of wind.

  4. If it still can not help, please try to contact the suppliers


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