Fetal Doppler Monitor

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Fetal Doppler Monitor FD03L

Fetal doppler monitor for home use and they can give you a wonderful way to connect with your baby whenever you want to,and exam the baby heartbeat at home anytime

Price range: 18.9USD-28.6USD/set

01.High sensitive Doppler probe, accurate FHR detection
02.Low ultrasound power, safe to the fetal
03.Optional display screen(value/diagram)
04.Auto shut-off in 1 minute
05.Display:1.3inches LCD
06.Ultrasound frequency:2.125MHZ-2.875MHZ
07.Comprehensive sensitivity:>90dB
08.FHR range: 50/min~210/min
09.Display resolution:1bpm
10.FHR detection deviation:-2/min~+2/min
11.Probe and Doppler are separated, more easier to operate
12.Water proof probe

Fetal dopplers are encouraged by some as a way to enjoy your baby's heartbeat and learn about their health! 03 Fetal doppler display

+ Ultrasonic frequency: 2.5 or 2.0MHz
+ FHR display range: 50bpm-210bpm 
+ Dimension: (W) 150 * (D) 100 * (H) 40mm
+ Gross Weight: 0.3kg
 Operation environment
 + Temperature: 0 - 45 degree for working, -20 – 60 degree for transportation and storage
 + Humidity: 15 - 95% for working (non-condensing), 10 - 95% for transportation and storage (non-condensing)

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