Hearing Amplifiers For Elderly

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Hearing Amplifiers for Elderly

The hearing amplifiers for elderly can not restore the hearing ability for the hearing impaired people,but the hearing amplifiers aids can improve the auditory ability and amplify the sound for hearing loss elderly people.

If you want to get back to enjoy the sounds of everyday life then wearing the Earsmate hearing amplifiers hidden in ear and the EarsMATE G-16 is a good choice.It has the best price in the market which is affordable for any budget based on the factory cost and quotation from China.This mini Hearing Aid Amplifier is very tiny, invisible, cosmetic, exquisite,Super mini size and light weight, not easily to be seen,It works with Size 10 Battery. the G-16 Hearing Amplifiers for elderly is most appropiate for both right ear and left ear with mild to moderate loss. 

The EarsMATE Hearing Amplifiers for elderly is most appropriate for both right and left ear with mild to moderate loss. 
In Ear Invisible digital Hearing amplifier G-16
1. Hearing Amplifier appropiate for mild to moderate loss
2. Fitting to eight ear right or left  
3. Moving-iron speaker hearing aid device
4. Max Sound output:(dB) ≤ 115dB
5. Peak Gain(dB) : ≤ 35dB
6. Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 5% 
7. Input noise(dB): ≤ 28dB
8. Comfortable mini size only 2/5 inch
9. Unit packing Box weight:50g
10. Light weight: 1.2g only
12. 1 year warranty

The EarsMATE G-16 Digital Hearing Amplifiers for Elderly have blue and beige color optional

Amp Invisibel In ear

As the hearing amplifiers devices,that can amplify the voice of the outside world.The Hearing loss elderly can hear the amplified sound signal by wearing hearing amplifiers and improve their hearing ability.

In our word, many hearing-impaired people,especially the elderly people do not respond to many voices without wearing hearing aids amplifiers. For example, they can not hear the sound of boiled water, can not hear the passing sounds of vehicles on the road and so on. These conditions are very dangerous, especially for elderly people. Then wearing the Earsmate  hearing Amplifiers for Elderly can help these hearing impaired elderly people to improve their hearing ability,they can take note of these voices and have the response to a variety of voices time in life.

EarsMATE ITC Hearing Amplifier for Elderly Diagram

diagram G16 inner ear

Packing including:
1x Compact Carry case
1x Invisible Hearing Aid
3x Ear Plugs to fit most Ears
1x Cleaning Brush tool
1x Zinc Air Battery size A10 (shipping limit)
1x User Manual

How to use the invisible hearing aid amplifiers?

The Earsmate G-16 is a mini size inner Ear hearing amplifiers for Elderly with lightweight and can be used in either ear,it's a good choice when you watching the TV, enjoy the movies, opera,entertainment, and have classes and attending the meeting, it will help you regain  your hearing so you can live the life you're used to.