External Hearing Amplifier In Ear With The Wire Running Receiver Of Invisible Open Technology Hearing Aid

Product Details

FDA approved External Hearing Amplifier in Ear G-28-RIC with the wire running Receiver of Invisible Open Technology Hearing Aid with discreet and comfortable open fit Receiver in Canal as Hearing loss enhancement.


 1.Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 110±5dB

2.HFA OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 105± 5dB

 3.Peak gain(dB): 40dB

 4. HFA/FOG Gain ( dB ): 35 dB

 5.Total harmonic wave distortion: @  500Hz 1%, @  1600Hz 0.5%

 6.Input noise: 26dB

7.Frequency range: 200Hz4500Hz

8. Power: D.C.1.4V, 1.0mA

9.Fit for either Right or Left Ear

What's in the box?

1x White/color Carry case

1x Plastic Brusher

2x Cell Battery size A13

1x Ric Hearing Amplifier

4x Different size Ear Plugs

1x User Manual

Open fit RIC Hearing Amplifier FDA Approval device


Product Name

Ric Hearing Amplifier

Technical Data

IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003

Model No.


Peak OSPL 90 ( dB  SPL)


HFA OSPL 90 ( dB  SPL)


Peak Gain ( dB )


HFA/FOG Gain ( dB   )


Total harmonic distortion


Frequency range


Input Noise


Battery size

Zinc Air battery 13

Battery working

Long Last working 300 hours

Power consumption

Current: ≤2mA

Volume adjustable

Adjustable volume wheel 1-4 level

Trimmer Mode                   

N-H Trimmer,H-High frequency,N-Low frequency

Certificates Approved

CE,FCC & ROHS, and the FDA 2018

Product Advantages:

Enjoy great sound quality with the Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier technology available on the market

1.Superior Sound

The Model G-28-RIC Digital quality Sound RIC Hearing AID is the ultimate sound amplification that offers the full benefits of a $300 hearing amplifier at a small fraction of the cost. These hearing amplifiers provide superior sound quality that will impress you from the sounds you had been missing.

2.Ergonomic Design

We built these Hearing devices to fit comfortably behind on your left or right ears. The lightweight and compact design makes it comfortable to wear all day long. You won’t even feel you’re wearing it. The adsound hearing aids are suitable for both and women who needs to boost high frequency response.

3.Adjustable to Your Hearing Needs

Our Unique hearing amplifiers can be operated with a single finger. The Hearing Amplifiers features digital quality volume control that allows you to adjust the volume up or down to fit your hearing needs. It also has a noise reduction and feedback cancellation technology that reduce background noise.

Hearing Aids – FAQ

Q 1: There are so many hearing aids to choose from, I need help. I think it would make more sense to me if I knew what all the hearing aids had in common. What pieces do all hearing aids share?

A 1: Great question. It is a great idea to know the similarities of all hearing aids before trying to judge the differences. There are four primary similarities with all hearing aids: A speaker, a microphone, a battery and an amplifier. No discredit to all of the hearing aid companies out there but at the end of the day, their product is simply some combination of these four things.

Q 2: There seems to be a number of different styles of hearing aids to choose from. Can you outline for me the basic styles that exist?

A 2: You got it. There are five principle styles that all hearing aids are designed around.

In the ear (ITE)– the most common fit – these fill the ear canal and are good for those with severe hearing loss.

Behind the ear(BTE) – these hearing aids provide the most power and are almost a necessity for people with severe hearing loss.It is a new stype of the Receiver in canal RIC BTE hearing aid

In the canal(ITC) – good for mild to severe but not ideal for people who are not very good with small knobs and buttons.

Completely in the canal(CIC) – these are perfect for medium to mild hearing loss. They are small so they don’t get wind disturbance at all but the smaller batteries lead to more frequent changing.

The five main hearing aid styles are interesting to consider. From a far hearing aids can all seem similar. Far from it. There are many distinctions.

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid healthcare Devices

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