Ric Rechargeable Hearing Aid

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Ric rechargeable hearing aid

The Earsmate 4 Channel and 16 bands digital Ric hearing aid G28D is Rechargeable with lithium-ion batteries, and the batteries give you more than 30 hours of battery life and recharge easily by the DC5V 1A USB charger adapter and USB-Mcro 5PIN cable ,it only need about 4 hours for a full charging if battery power low. You save a lot of disposable batteries cost, battery replacement trouble, as well as keep more environmentally friendly.

new Ric Digital Hearing Aids 28D DHA 

Because the sound doesn’t have to travel through a tube like in traditional behind-the-ear BTE Aids, and the Receiver-in-canal (RIC) design allows for high sound clarity and low distortion by the premium grade components and the move-iron speaker which are usually found only on extremely expensive hearing instruments. This Earsmate G28D Ric digital hearing aids are ready to go out of the box that is no prescription or fitting necessary, it is the FDA approved OTC hearing device for mild hearing loss or moderate hearing loss and wear discreet back over ear of right or left.

G-28D EarsMate RIC digital hearing aid spec.