Rechargeable Hearing Aids For Sale

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Rechargeable Hearing Aids For Sale

The new G-25 blue color Rechargeable Hearing Aid blends the best features from our 10 top selling hearing aids into one dynamic device. We have combined the power and versatility of the G-25 with the rechargeable convenience of the mode into an impressive affordable hearing aid that is sure to please.

The G25 features an upgraded processing chip with enough power to help those with severe hearing loss while maintaining clarity in the noticeable to significant range as well. Plus, with the added benefit of being rechargeable, you’ll never have to worry about replacement batteries again.

This is a more advanced and powerful upgrade from our popular rechargeable G-25. It is nice and strong enough to deliver high volume when needed adjustable by the Volume wheel. It is the perfect fit if you can still hear but experience difficulty understanding conversation in vehicles, restaurants, and other noisy environments. 

The G-25 Recharegable hearing aid combines natural sound with value and convenience, making it a lifesaver for those who value clarity and intelligent design.

The Universal Micro-USB charging port gives super long last working time and 100 hours of use with only 4 hours of charge time,  while the ON/OFF button allows the user to completely shut down the hearing aid to save battery life.


  • 1):Rechargeable Ready-to-use Hearing Aids device

  • 2):Wearing on either ear for people hearing loss improve

  • 3):500+ time cycles for rechargeable lithium cell

  • 4):NH trimmer mode for different sound place

  • 5):Max. saturation sound pressure level(OSPL90):135dB

  • 6):Peak Gain(dB) : less than 50dB

  • 7):THD Ratio: ≤ 2.0% (at 1600 Hz)

  • 7):Frequency Response: 300Hz-4500 Hz

  • 8):EQ Input Noise: ≤ 28 dB

  • 9):Power ON/OFF to save energy and extend battery life

  • 10):Last working battery for 100+hours by full charge

  • 11):Battery Life: Re-charging for 500 times

  • 12):Hearing aid size(in): 0.4x0.6x1.8 inch

  • 13):1 Year Warranty

Volume tone adjustable Rehargeable Hearing Aids G-25


 1):Factory unique design and independent R&D hearing aid

 2): Noise and Feedback reduction technology by Imported Chips

 3): With digital sound quality and NH trimmer mode for different sound environment

 4): Low power consumption with rechargeable lithium cell working for 100+ hours

 5): Unique Beep sound for low battery warning and Mode switcher

 6 ):Using the Micro-5-pin and USB interface and DC 5V charger

 7 ): Clear sound by the semi-digital circuit and solution

 8 ):LED indicator for power charging

 9 ):Fashion blue color or OEM service

G-25 Blue color rechargeable Hearing Aid diagram:


Package Includes:
1 BTE Hearing Aid
1 Color Case
3 Ear Plugs (small, medium, large)
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Power Adapter
1 USB Cable ( Can use Power Bank-5V,1A output )
1 User Manual

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aids For Great Hearing & Nice Life

Trade Terms and Conditions:

Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

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