Rechargeable Hearing Aids Approved By CE/FCC and FDA Certificate

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Rechargeable Hearing Aids Approved By CE FCC and FDA Certificate

Ready to Use Rechargeable Hearing Aids G-12
G12 Feature beige

The G-12 Rechargeable hearing AIDS are suitable For adults and old people either ear with Mild to moderate severe hearing loss.
In Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid Earsmate
Description of the Rechargeable Hearing Aids G-12
Specification G12 Earsmate 
 G-12 Rechargeable Hearing Aids charger base:
Earsmate In the Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid


1)Warranty for hearing aids devices:We provides a limited quality warranty of 12 months for the devices from the shipping date.

2)If the hearing devices are defective(not due to misuse or wrong operation).please contact us as earlier as possible and describe the defects in detail(if convenient and necessary,please send us photos or video clips for the faults of the defective products by email or online).We will have our engineers to analyze the faults and then tell what actions need to be taken for resolving the problem,if the faults could be solved at buyer's side by a calibration or part change,we will send calibration instruction or parts to the buyers.if not,the buyers need to post back their defective items to us via their local post office airmail at their own cost,we will repair or replace the items by free and then post the repaired or replaced devices to buyers via post airmail at our cost from the Earsmate company to your place again.