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Personal Ear Amplifier Hearing Aid  ITC by the CE and FDA Approved Digital Personal Sound Amplifier, With the Adjustable Volume Tone, power switcher, Feedback Cancellation and Battery A13 last 300hrs and 1 year Warranty


G-10 Hearing Aid Amazon


 ●Blue/beige color style

 Peak OSPL 90 ( dB  SPL):125dB

 ●Peak Gain : 40dB 

 ●Input Noise : 28dB

 Frequency range:300Hz-4000Hz

 ●Unique In the Ear design

 ●Adjustable Volume button

 ●Power On/Off Switcher

Sound Amplifier G-10 Advantages:

USER-FRIENDLY - This hearing Amplifier is designed with customer’s need in mind. Our ITE hearing amplifier enhances sound levels of your conversation, television or radio without increasing white and static noise. it is lightweight and comfortable to wear for right and left ear

NOISE REDUCTION - Our hearing enhancers feature noise reduction technology that provides crystal clear sound with maximum clarity. The eartips are designed to fit perfectly to the shape of your ear and block any background noise from disrupting your hearing experience

LONG LASTING BATTERY - The Sound hearing amplifier is one hearing aid size A13/AG5 battery operated. It offers up to 300+ hours of battery life than any other hearing amplifier on the market. 

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We are confident that you will love our hearing amplifier,Also the hearing amplifiers comes with one-year warranty

What is the Kit including?

✔ 1 compact carrying cases 

✔ 1 cleaning brush 

✔ 3 different size ear plugs 

✔ 1 wireless hearing amplifiers

✔ 1 manual instruction guide 

✔ A13 Zinc Air Cell Batteries. 

This is a perfect gift for someone special who needs sound amplification. Buy it as a birthday gift, holidays, Christmas Gift and many other special occasions



GNHearingAID Tips:

1. Why you can hear the whistle voice when wearing the hearing aids?

Earplugs and ear contact area is strictly closed, the amplified sound is leaked from the cracks and returned to the microphone to enlarge to produce the whistle. This phenomenon is similar to our common howling that the microphone close to the speaker.

        (1) The hand or an object close to the hearing aid, due to a part of the sound-reflecting in your palm or the object and returns to the microphone to further amplified.

        (2) The hearing aid is not completely inserted into the ear canal or not tight seal with the ear canal wall, the amplified sound leaks and returns the microphone.

        (3) A lot of earwax in the ear, due to the earwax embolism, the amplified sound reflections to the earwax again and to the microphone, can also generate a feedback.


2. How to avoid the whistle?

    (1) Adjust the hearing aid volume knob to the "1" position, then inserted into the ear plugged as far as possible, adjust the volume to the most clear position.

    (2) If the earplug cannot plug well, please change to the other suitable earplug plugged ears, do not leak air.

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid For Great Hearing and Nice life

Terms and Conditions:

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Lead time: 2-5 days 

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

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