New Dual Hearing Amplifiers In-the-Ear (ITE) Hearing Sound Assistance Enhancers With Volume Adjustable

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New Dual Hearing Amplifiers In-the-Ear (ITE) Hearing sound Assistance Enhancers with Volume Adjustable

It is an in the Ear ( ITE) type mini GN hearing aid product with the Volume adjustable and Power on/off switcher,working with Zinc Air battery A13

About the product:

The G-10-B is the next-generation hearing device that is specifically designed to turn up the volume in all people hearing, but at a fraction of the price of a traditional hearing aid. Combining the same core technology as much higher priced devices with our exclusive universal pre-programmed settings, the G-10-B can help you enjoy all the sounds you've been missing.

The new  G-10-B Hearing aid is our small device with the most natural sound quality,benefit from full connectivity with direct streaming and a sleek and compact design,working with the Zinc Air battery A13 and AG5 size batteries.


  1. Digital quality clear Sound Ear Hearing Amplifier

  2. Ready-to-wear in either ear hearing device

  3. Noise reduction technology

  4. Volume tone  adjustable by finger control

  5. Fitting for mild to moderate severe hearing loss

  6. Low current drain last for 300 hours

  7. Max. saturation sound pressure level(OSPL90):130dB

  8. Peak Gain(dB) :less than 45dB

    HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : ≤35dB

  9. THD Ratio: ≤ 1.2 % (at 1600 Hz)

  10. EQ Input Noise (dB): less than 28dB

  11. Battery size: Zinc Air A13 or AG5

  12. Low Current Drain: ≤1.0mA

  13.  Paper box size:10x8x3.5cm

  14. Hearing aid size(in): 1.1x0.7x0.55 inch

  15. Light weight: 3.0 g only

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new blue color mini ITE hearing aid in the ear

Technical Data

IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003



Peak OSPL 90 ( dB   SPL)


Sound Gain


Total harmonic   wave distortion


Frequency range


Input Noise


Zinc Air battery

AG5 or A13

Power consumption

DC 1.5V, Current: ≤5mA

Power switcher

Yes, On/Off button

Battery working

Working day time 20-30 days


Color box:   3.5*8.5*10 cm/unit, Gross weight:70g/unit

Certificates   Approved

CE,FCC & ROHS, and the FDA 2017


The Questions and Answers for Wearing GN Hearing Aids:

A. Why you can hear the whistle voice when wearing the hearing aids?

Earplugs and ear contact area is strictly closed, the amplified sound is leaked from the cracks and returned to the microphone to enlarge to produce the whistle. This phenomenon is similar to our common howling that the microphone close to the speaker.

        (1) The hand or an object close to the hearing aid, due to a part of the sound-reflecting in your palm or the object and returns to the microphone to further amplified.

        (2) The hearing aid is not completely inserted into the ear canal or not tight seal with the ear canal wall, the amplified sound leaks and returns the microphone.

        (3) A lot of earwax in the ear, due to the earwax embolism, the amplified sound reflections to the earwax again and to the microphone, can also generate a feedback.


B. How to avoid the whistle?

    (1) Adjust the hearing aid volume knob to the "1" position, then inserted into the ear plugged as far as possible, adjust the volume to the most clear position.

    (2) If the earplug cannot plug well, please change to the other suitable earplug plugged ears, do not leak air.

Welcome to call us anytime if you have any questions,we will provide the detailed answers to you.


All of our Hearing Aids are approvel by FDA,FC,CE and ROHS Certificates for Europe and USA market



The FONIX8000 Hearing Aid Test System

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