New Design Cheap BTE Hearing Aids With CE And FDA Certificates

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Product Details

This model is a New Design Cheap BTE Hearing Aids with CE and FDA Certificates.

This new well made sound amplifier BTE hearing aid G-20 provide maximum sound output upto 135dB and with the noise reduction technology and good quality clear sound.This BTE hearing aid comes with 3 different sizes silicone earplugs to fits most of people for mild to severe hearnig loss behind on right ear and left ear by Easy and comfortable to wear.

BTE G20B Details Earsmate hearing Amplifier

Wearing over Ears image:

Amplifier G20B D

Packing including:

1x Color paper box

1x BTE Hearing Aid

3x Ear Plugs to fit most Ears

1x Cleaning Brush tool

2x Zinc Air Battery size A675/AG13

1x User Manual

The two Pros of Wearing the OTC Hearing Aids 

First,Improved Conversational Comprehension

Hearing aids do a good job of amplifying the starts, stops, and high-pitched sounds that are common in speech. People with hearing loss may find it difficult to distinguish sounds like “th” or “s” from one another, and whispering is especially challenging to comprehend. With hearing aids you’ll be able to hear the “S” in the word “she” instead of mistaking it for the word “he” or “the.” With an enhanced ability to comprehend speech in conversation you’ll find yourself caught in fewer awkward social situations because you won’t experience as many miscommunications.

Second,Targeted Amplification of Specific Voices or Sounds You’re Trying to Focus On 

Today's hearing aids can detect which voice you're trying to listen to and make it more pronounced. You can even have multiple profiles saved with each one containing set preferences for a specific type of environment. For example, you could have one preset programmed to match the acoustics in your living room, while another preset is set to cancel noise and clarify speech at your favorite restaurant. This feature simplifies the process of comprehending speakers in crowded environments while also streamlining environmental adjustments on-the-go.